Growing Out On A Limb

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Tatamagouche on Father’s Day

I have a LOT of catch-up to do with posts going clear back to June.

This weekend was a father’s day weekend trip to Tatamagouche with some great friends.  We picked somewhere relatively close that none of us had been to before and the fact that the Tatamagouche Brewing Co. is there didn’t hurt either.

It was a quaint little campground right on the ocean.  No beach but beautiful views, beach combing, and really beautiful sunsets.



On Saturday a few of us went to the market.  It was really quaint, lots of booths, and lovely lady statues that Eleanor thought were impressive.  20180616_113546

We took a short walk from the market to the train station – a restaurant (like my home town) and rooms for rent on old train cars.  Neat!  20180616_115533


That day we also headed to the nearby beach.  20180616_145937

It was warm but the water was cold so no one swam for long.  It was still nice to sit in the sun though!  20180616_152535


The days were warm but my goodness, the evenings were COLD.  It was a combination of being right on the water and the time of year but we literally could have sat around the fire in snowsuits.


I think this is a morning shot of Oliver on the rocky beach at the campground.  20180616_081557


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First Bike Ride

The plan was to bike to Hubbard’s on the trans Canada trail. We were heading there to check out the market that we have heard is really nice.

In hindsight it was a lofty goal, both for Emery who who needed many breaks and for me, who hasn’t really biked since I was a teenager.

But we biked about 11 km, stopping for breaks and chatting the whole way. The morning was beautiful, the trail was great, and the company was even better.

We got bailed out and headed to the market anyway. We enjoyed some coffee and treats and will definitely be going back… maybe next time on our bikes?

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Camping at Plantation

A couple of weeks ago we took the camper out for what we thought was going to be our last trip of the season.  Plantation campground is in the valley and, even though they didn’t have their normal activities running and the pool was closed, it was really lovely.  I believe that camping with the right people can make even the crappiest campground a good time and that definitely was the case this weekend!

We were parked right beside the playground and the kids made a LOT of use of it.  Our camper is right in the middle of this photo.20170916_095248


Swings, slides, a basketball court, a sand pit… I’m not sure the kids could have wanted for more!  20170916_103402

It was a hot Saturday afternoon so we left the campground in search of a place to swim.  We ended up in Harbourville, where the swimming was not good but the beach was kind of amazing.  The beach is full of rocks that are spotted with gems – mineral crystals leftover from a lava flow millions of years ago.  We all enjoyed beach combing here and seeing the way the rocks sparkled in the sun.  20170916_130210


Still on the hunt for a swim, we went to Aylesford Lake Beach.  20170916_140522It was a bit of a drive, but we ended up at this beautiful spot.  It was closed for the season so none of the facilities were open (bummer) but it was also really REALLY quiet (awesome).  The water was pretty cold but it felt really good on a 30 degree day.  20170916_14054020170916_140905I can’t remember what was going on right before I snapped this pic but I love the pose!  20170916_155736

What else do you do at a campground on a hot day – watergun fight for the kids (and washer toss tournament for the grownups!)20170916_160357

And of course there were campfires.  Campfires and s’mores!  20170916_203910

It was a really great weekend with friends we’ve known and friends we are getting to know.  Good times all around.  And now we are excited for Thanksgiving weekend, our new last camping weekend of the summer.

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On a lovely Saturday afternoon earlier in September, we decided to head to Dartmouth and check out a park we have heard lots about but have never visited – Shubie park.  It seems to be right in the middle of everything – highways and big box stores (like the new Ikea!) – but it’s really quiet and easy to forget where you are once you are on the trails.

The canal runs right through the middle of the park, which makes for some pretty scenery and lots and lots of ducks.



A kind stranger lent us some of her stale bread and suddenly there were dozens and dozens and even more dozens of ducks flocking around.  They were eating right out of the kids’ hands.


There were lots of people enjoying the sunshine and getting some exercise.  We barely scratched the surface of the park, but it is a well-used trail that we will definitely visit again.

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Parlee visit

On Labor day we all traveled to Parlee beach to spend a long weekend at aunt Betty’s cottage – Nana and Papa, Ali and the girls, and us!  It was a cold, rainy, and grey weekend so there wasn’t a lot of swimming time at the beach but we still enjoyed walks on the beach and managed to fill the time and have lots of fun!

We took a walk the first afternoon to the pier – it was really windy and the skies were angry but we didn’t get rained on!  20170901_151504


Cutest lobsters I have ever seen!  20170901_152556

A little walk on the beach, complete with sweaters.  The sand always feels good on the bare feet though!  20170901_184501


The kids couldn’t resist running into the parking lot which always seems to be filled with seagulls!  20170901_190851This handsome boy… 20170902_135938

The big inflatable made a comeback on this weekend!  20170902_153813

The sun came out for half a minute.  We were only there to have a walk but the boys couldn’t resist getting wet!  20170902_161212

The clouds were dispersing (for a while anyway)… 20170902_161353

The kids really loved combing the beach for treasures.  There were seashells, crabs (well, mostly their shells), and a TON of little hermit crabs in the shallow water.  20170902_162954We did manage to make a couple of campfires, though we dressed warmly for them!  20170902_195212What trip to Shediac would be complete without a visit to the big lobster?  It’s a great playground for the kids!  20170903_110510


Not sure what he is looking for … hmm.  20170903_110624


Papa and a few of the grand kids taking a break…20170903_113950

There’s the big ball again.  The kids got tired of rolling in it and decided it would better serve as a landing pad for launching themselves off the deck.  Good times (and no injuries!).20170903_125453


Ali has clearly been practicing her pitching but I think dad’s batting needs a little work (maybe a new bat would help)!  20170903_130511

We did get one afternoon at the beach.  A few of us got in the water (though briefly) but it was a really good time playing frisbee, wandering the beach, and wading in the sand bar pools.  The only pic I got of the whole afternoon was these two lovely ladies basking in the sun.  20170903_145202

We celebrated Aaliyah’s birthday while we were there, which included opening gifts around the campfire.  And glowsticks.  Lots of glowsticks.  20170903_203634

The weather might not have been what we hoped it would be, but it was still nice to spend time with family and relax – good grub, time at the beach, lots of UNO games.  It’s hard to complain about that!

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David’s Camp

In August we parked the camper and spent a nice weekend at uncle David’s camp in South Brookfield with nanny and grampy, the hills, and david, mary, and willa.  It is right on the Medway river so it is in the woods, quiet, and peaceful.

The kids had a couple of evening swims in the river.  It was too cold for me but they enjoyed a sunset swim.  20170825_192832


20170825_193134We spent most of the weekend playing games, eating good food, playing outside, and around the campfire.  The camp is really near Kejimkujik park so we headed there to see Mill Falls and for a quick walk in the woods along the Mersey river.  The trail was beautiful.  20170826_152259



It was a really lovely weekend and I’m sure we will be back again and again and again!  (Fair warning, David…)