Growing Out On A Limb

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A Quiet Moment

Brian snapped these photos one day over the holidays.  It’s such a sweet moment between two brothers and I love the natural light coming in the window.

Oliver is becoming much more compassionate toward his little brother lately.  Sometimes it’s involving Emery in his play or stopping to give him a hug or wanting him to chase him around the kitchen island (“Come get me!”) or sliding over on the chair and saying, “Come on em-wee… there’s woom for you too!”.

Don’t get me wrong… he is still intentionally pushy when he is in a mood and sometimes nastily grabs toys from Emery but for a while that was his default.  And it was rough – rough to see Emery treated so poorly, rough to see Oliver not able to manage his emotions, and rough to constantly monitor and discipline the bad behavior (not to mention wonder if you’re handling it the best way).  It was rough and exhausting and pull-your-hair-out frustrating some days.  But it is obviously just a phase of the growing relationship with his brother and figuring out what it is supposed to be, where he fits, and what is expected of him.

I think we’re seeing a light at the end of that particular tunnel and it’s encouraging.  That’s not to say I expect my days as a referee are coming to an end but it is heart warming to see these moments happening more and more.


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Counting down…

Yup, we picked up our Wish Book yesterday!

Oliver has loved flipping through it.  I don’t think he gets that these are toys that Santa might bring him but he loves to point out the cars, trucks, Lightning McQueens, and Thomas toys.  And that’s enough to give this Santa a few ideas!

Last week we were strolling through the Superstore and Oliver spied a big loader.  When he wanted to pick it up and play with it I said, “Today we’re just looking, not touching.  Maybe Santa will bring you a loader for Christmas!”.  Ever since, when he hears the word ‘Christmas’, he talks about Santa and his loader.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year.  I do anyway but this will be the first really magic year for Oliver so I’m excited to see him opening gifts on Christmas morning.  Emery will be busy tearing ornaments off the tree and shredding wrapping paper, I’m sure, but I think he’ll also take cues from Oliver and show some excitement too.

I love decorating the house for Christmas.  I love the music and carols (even though the choir starts in October!).  I love shopping for gifts to find that one great thing for someone.  Of course my preference would be to whip up all those great gift ideas I’ve pinned on but, with such limited time to devote to craftiness these days, I have to focus on just a few.

With that… Only 46 shopping days left until Christmas!


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The buh-flys and bees

It really does amaze me how quickly Oliver is picking up new words.  I know part of that is the interaction he has with older kids at the sitter’s but I like to think it is also due to all of our reading time.  Even the current distraction technique during butt-changing is to hand Oliver a little book that he can flip through.  It works every time – he talks and points while I’m wiping him up and interacting with him. 

Today I grabbed a knock knock book that goes on and on with cheesy knock knock jokes like “Olive… Olive who? … Olive you so much”.  Apparently it is just the right amount of repetitive since Oliver surprised me this morning by saying “Naw naw” after only reading it a couple of times. 

Directly following the struggle that is changing and dressing, Oliver picked up another fave book about ‘Bumble’ the bee.  He didn’t like this one at first but I would point out the bee on every page and it became a game of hide and seek… “beeee!”.  (And we never forget the cow of course… “Mooo”). 

And another book from the same author is about a green caterpillar wishing she could be a different, brighter color.  On the last page, where she has turned into a butterfly of many colors, I said, “Look at the beautiful butterfly”, to which Oliver said, “buh-fly”, as matter-of-factly as if he’s been saying it for months now. 

Something about that “buh-fly”  made my heart melt a little!