Growing Out On A Limb

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My two monkeys


My little monkey now climbs on … everything! 

He’s discovered that the sofa cushions come off the couch (not once, but several times a day).  He really has no fear of climbing down over the arm of the couch or jumping from couch to chair or going over the back of the couch, like he is in these pics. 


… and back…

… and over…

… and back…

… and then time for a little break. 

Do other kids play with their belly buttons as much as Oliver does?  It is red and sore pretty much all the time! 

Speaking of somersaulting and jumping, I think Deuce is following suit.  Last week’s appointment ended up with us heading to the hospital an hour and a half away for a version (ECV) because the kid was head up at 37 weeks.  So we make arrangements, get up early (5:30 am early), get to the hospital, and the ultrasound shows that the stinker baby turned overnight.  Sheesh!  Hopefully he’s stayed put since then… finding out tomorrow!


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Deuce update

When I went to my prenatal appointment two weeks ago (at 32 weeks), the doctor felt around my belly and said: 

“Oh… the baby is transverse (laying sideways).  That’s not good. 

But don’t worry, there’s still lots of time for it to turn.  We’ll worry at 34 weeks.”

I thought, “34 weeks?!  That’s just two weeks away!”.  I tried not to worry about it, but of course it stuck in my mind a little bit (the doctors here won’t even consider a vaginal birth if the baby isn’t head down) and I found myself googling ways to help the baby turn. 

34-week update:  Baby’s head is nestled down in there, right where it’s supposed to be, and the doctor says there is little chance it will move now.  Yay! 

Here are a few pregnancy items of note: 

  • Baby Deuce is very active.  Did Oliver move this much or am I just forgetting? 
  • My hips and lower back ache (next pregnancy massage booked for Wednesday).  It prevents me from keeping active, which I hate. 
  • I’m not sleeping so well, which wasn’t a problem the first time around. 
  • Pretty much everything I eat gives me a bit of heartburn but not bad enough to take anything stronger than tums. 
  • My mat clothes are not fitting well and I still have six weeks to go (but I refuse to resort to leggings and gym pants full-time and will refashion more mat clothes if I have to). 
  • Even though Oliver’s room isn’t ready and the newborn things are still in storage, I’m getting anxious to meet the new little one. 
  • I have no maternity photos (mostly because it’s painful to look at myself in photos these days) and need to fix that. 
  • Names are difficult… Brian is too opinionated!  🙂 
  • Everyone … and I do mean everyone … has something to say to a pregnant lady.  Seriously, you should all just stop and think about how much pregnancy talk that means for me! 

I know most of that is complaining but even after saying all of that, I know I am luckier than most in that I can get pregnant and haven’t been sick the entire 9 months.  I do realize that and remind myself of that often. 

And I already have a wonderful little boy that I am sure is going to be an awesome big brother and sail through this change just like everything else… with a smile and a giggle and a “big jump”.