Growing Out On A Limb

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New Year firsts!

Nana and papa visited after Christmas and over New Year’s … it was a visit full of firsts!

Papa wanted to go geocaching.  He has heard us talk about it and was curious to see how it worked, so we went for a walk to find one.  It was a big box but there wasn’t much inside of it.   20161229_162549

We were the barker’s beauties cheering him on.  20161229_162542

Oliver had his first hockey tournament last week – four games over two days.  He got these new “dressy” clothes to use for his hockey games.  I can’t get this kid to put on jeans for school but he proudly dresses up for his hockey games!  20161230_111753

On New Year’s Eve we curled in a family bonspiel – nana, papa, emery, and I.  It was a lot of fun.  Emery has never curled the full sheet of ice and had to use the heavy rocks, but he did great.  I think he used some of the skills he has learned in the Ice Cubes program and learned more about the game.  20161231_101141

We had a great visit with nana and papa but today we are all back to normal business!


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Christmas 2016

The kids had been staring at the gifts under the tree for over a week because I, in a lapse of judgement, set them all out as soon as we had our tree up.  The gifts were shaken, sorted, used as ramps, and smelled over that week.  At times it seemed like a bit of torture for the kids.

But they made it through and Christmas day arrived!  We had such a great day – the kids were patient while everyone opened their gifts in turn and spent the rest of the day playing together so nicely.

Hubby took this time lapse of us opening our gifts… a photo a second.

A few separate pics…

The kids opened their stockings and checked out their gifts from santa first.  20161225_070435Everyone was so excited to see the kids’ reactions.  They slept in until almost 7 am.  (That’s the short version of the story.  The long version involves one or more of them up and out of bed three times through the night).  img_7144
The kids all got beautiful, special quilts made by nana.  img_7156



img_7158Eleanor was so much fun to watch this year… every single gift opening was accompanied by a huge gasp and “I love it!” in a high-pitched squealing voice.
img_7160She loved her huge doll house from Santa.  This is a doll she got from Lisa, her day care provider.  It is nearly as tall as her!  img_7171

Eleanor modeling her new robe and toque…img_7179… and playing with her new play doh set.  img_7187This isn’t even a Christmas day picture but too funny to not put somewhere – Emery honing his selfie skills.  20161226_090746

Every year I post Christmas pictures and wish I had taken more.  But then I think the lack of pictures really shows that I was present and enjoying the actual moments that much more.  I like that.

It has been a really wonderful holiday season – lots of games and fun and food between Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.  Now we are settling in to a visit with nana and papa, which I’m sure will generate more pics!

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Christmas Eve 2016

We had lots to do as we led up to Christmas!  First, the 23rd…

Haircuts were the first step.  We waited outside the hair salon for it to open (and I’m glad we did… at least six people lined up behind us within ten minutes).
20161223_084656Eleanor loves dresses!  This one was from her day care provider… Lisa!20161223_170127On Christmas Eve the boys and I started the day with a geocaching hike behind our subdivision.  This was taken by Land of Laziness lake.  20161224_100310

20161224_100320It was a great morning for a hike, though the trail was a bit icy in places and we only found two of of the four geocaches we looked for.  20161224_101930

The rest of our Christmas eve was pretty normal… new jammies, reindeer food sprinkled on the lawn, cookies left for santa, and a little after-bedtime construction (by santa’s helper).  Excitement was high!

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Halloween 2016!

My spooks!

Oliver knew months ago that he wanted to be a zombie hockey player.  He was a little hesitant when it came time to put on the makeup but loved it once it was on.  20161029_161505

When we first started talking about Halloween, Eleanor said she wanted to be a “sca-wee witch”.  Then it was a princess.  Then it was Elsa.  Then it was an “elsa baby princess witch”.  So I went shopping for her by myself!

I don’t know about scary but she is about the cutest witch I have ever seen!
20161029_161542I told her to show me a “scary witch”.  We’ll work on it.  20161029_161557And finally … optimus prime in the most fierce optimus prime pose!  20161029_161641

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Easter 2016

Easter this year was a bit strange because Brian took the kids to nanny and grampy’s house while I tackled a big reno project at home.  The easter bunny did arrive though and when the kids came home at lunchtime on Sunday, the baskets were filled and the eggs ready to be hunted!

This year the bunny left eggs marked with Os and Es for the boys (so they could find the same amount of eggs) and pink and purple eggs for eleanor.  This was a hit, though it was hard to convince eleanor to keep finding eggs once she discovered the chocolate in the first one.


The bunny also brought them bike helmets because they need them and because we have been saying all winter that this is the summer of mastering the bicycles!  IMG_6838

IMG_6843It was a really nice spring day so we spent time outside in the afternoon.
IMG_6846 These two play together so well (most of the time).  IMG_6847 Emery is kind of hesitant to try out his bike (we’ll work on that) … IMG_6851 … but Eleanor jumped right on her trike.  We need to work on the pedaling.  IMG_6852 Emery, Eleanor, and I then took a walk down to flat lake.  They watched the ducks, threw rocks into the water, and managed to keep their feet dry … so let’s call it a success.  IMG_6854

This pretty girl has an automatic “cheeeeeeeeeese” when the camera is pointed her way (thanks Lisa!).  IMG_6858

This guys is always good for conversation and laughs.  IMG_6860

Oh my heart.  She wants to go everywhere the brothers go, so she needs a close eye, but she also is quite a talker so fun to have around.  IMG_6863

Ham dinner and coconut pie topped it all of.  The holiday seemed quick but we ticked off all the easter boxes and got a big project done so everyone was happy.  Happy Easter!