Growing Out On A Limb

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The boys say so many funny things.  Every time something funny comes out of them I plan to jot it down and save it here but I’m finding myself a little busier and distracted lately (aka “at home with three children”) so if I don’t write it down immediately it’s gone.  Here are a few things I managed to save.


Oliver and Emery both call McDonalds “Old McDonalds”.  I think there must have been an overlap of going there to eat one day and hearing that song in the car one day.  It has stuck!


Several weeks ago we were eating at the supper table.  That particular night there were leftover cupcakes for dessert.

Emery:  “Mommy, can I have a cupcake?”

Mommy: “You have more bites of your meat and vegetables and then we’ll talk”

Supper continued as usual.  I didn’t really notice that Emery was shoveling in the food beside me, forkful after forkful.  But then, with a very full mouth of food, he said, “Mommy, I ate my meat… now will you talk to me?”.



Recently we were driving along and Oliver noticed a tower out his window.

Oliver:  “What is that tower for?”

Me:  “Our phones use that tower to get a signal when we call someone”

Oliver:  “Oh, you mean your cellophones?”


One day we were driving to the high school to pick up our sitter from soccer practice.  Oliver asked what a high school is so I explained that it is where older kids go to school.

From the back seat I hear Emery say, “Awe-vuh, you go to high school”.

Oliver replied, “No Emery, Autumn goes to high school.  I go to low school”.


Emery and I were sitting together one day.

Me:  “I love you, Emery”

Emery:  “I love you, mommy.  I love mommy and Daddy and Oliver.  And I love myself.  I love your self and daddy’s self and oliver’s self… I love all of our selfs”.


I need to be better at getting things on here as they say them so I don’t forget… they’re so funny!



Oliver and Mommy

Oliver still loves to color and draw and comes home almost every day with a new drawing… rainbows, Nellie, he even draws angry birds games, slingshot and all.  It’s been fascinating to see him go from scribbling to coloring in the lines, from circles and scrawling to stick figures to really thought out pictures.


A couple of weeks ago Oliver came home with this artwork.  He says it’s him (left) and mommy (right), the yellow triangle is one of the angry birds, and the c-shaped thing by his head is “a mouth that is saying, ‘help me! i’m lost in the woods!'” (I have no idea … those are his words, not mine, and I asked several times!).

The tree, the sun, the grass, the clouds, his name… it all makes me happy and this picture now hangs at my desk at work.

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A later-in-April hike

Gone are our winter boots and in come the rubbers and spring coats!  This past weekend the boys and I took a hike on a beautiful sunny (but still chilly) afternoon.  We just walked around home but it’s still fun to get outdoors and spend time with them.  They point out different things every time we’re out.

King of the mountain!  This is taken on a rock pile in the gravel pit not far from our house and is far less dangerous than it looks in the picture.  Oliver loves to climb the piles over and over again.


After we were done in the gravel pit, we walked through a field to get to the driveway back home.  Oliver and I had this exchange:

Oliver started screaming very loudly (happy screams).  

I said, “That’s your outside voice!  Let it all out, as loud as you want!”.

After screaming a few times, Oliver said, “That’s a gecko!”

Me:  “A gecko?  A gecko is a little lizard.  I don’t think a gecko would make that big noise”.

Oliver was thoughtful for a second, then screamed again.  Then he said, “Mommy, the sound – it comes right back to me!”.

Me:  “That is called your echo!”  (In hindsight, I should have caught on to where we went wrong at this point?!)

Oliver was thoughtful again for a second.  Then he said, “Oh, I thought it was an armadillo”.

I’m still not sure where the armadillo part came from but clearly I should have caught on earlier that he meant “echo” when he said “gecko”.  Ha… it was quite funny at the time!

I like these next two pictures because they show two brothers who love being outside, exploring together and sharing what they are finding with each other.  I do so love it when they get along.




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He’s so funny!


A few weeks ago, Oliver and I were reading stories at bedtime, laying on our backs like we usually do.  Out of nowhere, mid-sentence, Oliver reaches over, starts rubbing my chest (i.e. the bump that is my breast), and says, “Oh look!  I see where the baby’s head is in your belly!”.

I kind of chuckled and said, “Actually, honey, the baby is down here – in mommy’s belly” and I pointed lower to my stomach.

He thought for a second and said, “Oh.  Well… what’s this?” as he is still rubbing my chest.

“That’s mommy’s breast”.  (That’s it, that’s all.  I’m not going to call it anything but what it is but I’m not going to offer up more info than is necessary at this age either).

He thinks for another few seconds and says, “Huh.  Weeeelllll… it looks like the hump on a camel!”.

I chuckled a little but not too much.  Because … well, he’s not wrong!!


We were only back from our Jamaica trip for a couple of days and I was once again tucking Oliver in at bedtime.

He said, “Mommy, I don’t like to say goodbye”.

I thought he meant when we say goodnight at bedtime so I said, “We don’t have to say goodbye.  All we have to say is, ‘Good night!  See you in the morning!'”.

“Weeeeellll… maybe we could say something other than ‘goodbye’.  Like…. pickle!”, he said.

We giggled, decided that was a fine idea, said, “Pickle!” to each other and he went to sleep.

Almost two weeks later, I still say “Pickle!” at night or when I drop him off at Jean’s in the morning.


I love the way his little mind works!


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Art by Oliver

There’s no doubt I’m biased but Oliver’s come home with artwork lately that I thought was really great or it made me chuckle.

I asked Oliver who was in this picture and he said, “That’s you and me, mommy!”.  Aww.  This one impressed me because his stick men were the best I’ve seen him do.  I don’t think he’s ever put them into a scene like this before either.


This one is a tractor – see the big wheel and the little wheel?  And the “plantings” and the dirt?  I was told the circle up top is not the driver but the “window they see the plants from”.  When I asked him if the green lines in the front are the tractor’s grill, he said no:  it’s the wind.   The pieces up front and on the top are “the steam and honking”.


I love his imagination.

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Fall leaves in craft form

Oliver loves to create.   Lately he prefers a blank piece of paper over a coloring book (most of the time).  Now, I know that every mother thinks their child is exceptional – it’s our job.  Seriously though, Oliver astounds me all the time with how creative he is and how advanced he is with his artwork.

The other night we were enjoying a nice moment after supper over paper and a crayon, both adding little drawings to the paper.  After he got done drawing a bright yellow sun, I said, “Oliver, you are a really good artist.”.

“Mommy, what’s an artist?”

“An artist is someone that is very good at drawing and coloring and painting and making creations”.  (Every now and then he will pile a bunch of random stuff up, very deliberately, and call it his “creation”… kind of like a sculpture).

“Oh.  I’m a good artist.”

“Yes honey, you are.”


Over the past couple of weeks we have done some fall artwork.  Lately Oliver likes using his scissors and glue so that’s where we went with the fall art.

First the tree.  This was done on contact paper that was taped sticky side up on the table.  First I cut out the trunk shape and stuck it on.  Then we cut up red, orange, yellow, brown, and green scrapbook paper scraps to look like leaves and Oliver stuck them on.  The whole things easily sticks on the window.  

It’s hard to tell the colors in these pics but it is beautiful up in our window.

Emery sat right beside him with another piece of contact paper and I had given him leftover paper circles (Thomas-themed) that I used for Oliver’s cupcakes when he turned 2.  A few of them made it to our tree, which my anal nature didn’t like at first of course, but in the end I decided they were Oliver’s personal touches.  Brian calls it “custom”.

The same day we did a couple of crafts using leaves we had collected on a walk the day before.

The idea was to use the leaves to construct a turkey.  Like this one, which I made.  (Note this is also more proof that I do in fact occasionally do things I find on pinterest… ya!)

But Oliver was zeroed in on using the glue and didn’t care much about the leaves going on in any structure.  He went freestyle.

We happened to be going to our friend Olivia’s birthday party the next day so I suggested to Oliver that we make a nice picture for her.  He liked that idea and was very proud of what he came up with:

Lots (and lots) of glue, a featherless turkey, and the return of the Thomas circles.

And I, of course, think it is darling.

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Oliver funnies

We bought a bicycle for Oliver at Easter but he was very resistant to get on it.  He always chooses kicking a ball or running over the bike, I think mostly because he just doesn’t see very many kids on bikes so doesn’t get what they’re all about.  Finally, after pointing out several kids on their bikes in different places and scenarios, he is asking to go out and play on his bike .

Not a great picture but there he is …

Oliver, like any three year old, has some pretty funny things to say:

He’s sounding out words lately and telling me what letter they start with.  Like, “Buh-Buh-Ball… Ball starts with B!”, although most times he mixes it up and says “B starts with ball”.  The other day, around the dinner table he must have said the word mommy and then continued on like this:

“Muh-muh-mommy.  Mommy!  M starts with you!”

Then he looked at Emery and said, “Buh-buh-brother.  Emery, B starts with you!”

We haven’t in a while but we used to talk about Oliver’s day right before he fell asleep, as a way to help calm him down and recollect things from his day.

This particular day our sitter, the lovely Jean, told me that Oliver had bumped his head while playing outside that afternoon.  Nothing unusual, nothing to worry about.

On the ride home, from the back seat, Oliver said, “Mommy, do you want to talk about my day?”

Me:  “Yes, honey!  Tell me about your day”

Oliver:  “Well first… I bumped my head on the playhouse.”

Me:  “You did?”

Oliver:  “Yeah.  I was running and my legs were going too fast and my head bumped into the playhouse”.

Me:  “Oh, did it hurt?”

Oliver:  “Yeah”

Then a minute or two passes and I hear him say,”Emery, do you want to talk about my day?”

Emery: “Yuh”

Oliver:  “Well first… I bumped my head on the playhouse”…


I tried my best not to laugh out loud.