Growing Out On A Limb

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Video Games Live

A couple of weeks ago Oliver and I went to see Video Games Live… a mash up of the NS symphony and music from classic and current video games. It is a city by city tour created by a famous video games composer and I thought it was the coolest possible way to introduce Oliver to the symphony.

He didn’t recognize some of the older games (not did I) but he still enjoyed the videos and when I pointed out the different instruments.

It was high energy and a lot of fun, complete with giant bouncing pokeballs at the end. The symphony was amazing as always – it’s the coolest job ever, right? – and was super fun for both of us.


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Well it was bound to happen sooner or later… dang monkey bars! Two breaks in his wrist.

He is a trooper and will be looking forward to his friends signing his cast!

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New Year firsts!

Nana and papa visited after Christmas and over New Year’s … it was a visit full of firsts!

Papa wanted to go geocaching.  He has heard us talk about it and was curious to see how it worked, so we went for a walk to find one.  It was a big box but there wasn’t much inside of it.   20161229_162549

We were the barker’s beauties cheering him on.  20161229_162542

Oliver had his first hockey tournament last week – four games over two days.  He got these new “dressy” clothes to use for his hockey games.  I can’t get this kid to put on jeans for school but he proudly dresses up for his hockey games!  20161230_111753

On New Year’s Eve we curled in a family bonspiel – nana, papa, emery, and I.  It was a lot of fun.  Emery has never curled the full sheet of ice and had to use the heavy rocks, but he did great.  I think he used some of the skills he has learned in the Ice Cubes program and learned more about the game.  20161231_101141

We had a great visit with nana and papa but today we are all back to normal business!

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NYE and the tooth fairy!

Oliver, being one of the last of his circle of friends to have all of his baby teeth, was really anxious to lose his first tooth.  The sucker was loose and hung on for what seemed like months!

Finally, on a New Year’s Eve family bowling trip, he bit into a jelly bean and it was a goner.  Thankfully daddy found it and put it in his pocket.

He was pretty tickled that it happened on a special day like New Year’s Eve and spent several days talking about how funny the hole felt.  He was pretty excited to show his friends when he returned to school!

The tooth fairy brought him $4 and he was stoked to spend it on a new beanie-boo.


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First Day of School 2015!

This is a big one – Yesterday was the first day of primary for Emery and the first day of grade one for Oliver!

Oliver was good to go.  He knew what it was all about!  Many of his best buddies are in his class again this year, which was exciting to him.

Emery surprised me.  He can be shy and quiet so I thought he would be nervous about his first day but once he knew that a couple of his preschool buddies were in his class and that Oliver was going to sit with him on the bus, he felt really good about school.  And he jumped right on the bus without even looking back.


We found his seat and a few of his buddies and he did not have a hard time letting me go at all.  At the end of the day he told me his favorite part was “all of it”.  IMG_20150908_082639Oliver was not quite as thrilled about the classroom picture.  Is he embarrassed of me already??  IMG_20150908_083429At this point, the goofy back-to-school pictures are as obligatory as the back-to-school photos.  IMG_6456 IMG_6457I’m so proud of Emery for being brave and diving into his first day like a champ.  And I’m super proud of Oliver for being a good big brother by sitting with Emery on the bus, playing with him on the playground, and at their after-school program.  They’re both champs to me!

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Oliver – The eve of primary

Here we are… the day before Oliver starts primary.  

I think this must be the definition of mixed feelings.  I am excited for him – to meet new friends, to be riding the bus, to be surrounded by kids and learning so much – and I know that the teachers are prepared to help him adjust.  But for days now my stomach has been filled with anxiety.  

I ran into a friend last week whose son is also starting kindergarten and, among the commiserating, she said, “They’ll be fine.  They’re ready”.  I don’t think she noticed but I had this panic-stricken moment moment when I thought, “Oh my god.  Is he ready?”.  

Will he wash his hands?  Will he eat all of his lunch at recess time?  He can’t tie his shoes yet!  Will he sit all alone on the school bus every day?  Is he going to ask to go to the bathroom in time?  If he makes it, will he pee on the seat?  Will he wander into the woods unnoticed at recess time?  

And let’s assume he makes it home with clean hands and tied shoes.  Will he tell me what he has done all day – who he played with, if someone was mean to him, whether he raised his hand to answer questions or not?  

It’s hard to let go.  For over five years, even when I wasn’t home with him, I have known what his day has looked like – what was for lunch, who he played with, etc.  Tomorrow, all that changes – not only will my heart be walking outside of my body, but it will be walking outside of my body alone.  And what I will know about his day is what he will choose to tell me.  God, I hope he wants to tell me everything.  

Whether I am ready for it or not, when he steps on the bus tomorrow morning he starts on a new road of independence.  And it’s important for him to take that road.  I just need to trust him, trust that we have prepared him, trust that he can handle it, and trust that he will tell me when he can’t and needs help with something.  

In a month or two, I’m sure this whole school thing will be routine and seem like no big deal.  But for now, for today and tomorrow, it is a big deal.  A really big deal.  But for him, I need to let go.  He’s ready.  

Can someone please remind me of that when I am bawling as the bus pulls away? 

Today we went for a special “date”, just him and I.  Maybe this will be our back-to-school tradition.  We went to (where else?) “Old McDonald’s” for something to eat and then to the library for some new books.  


I wanted a nice picture of the two of us.  This is as close as we got… 


… and then the sillies set in!  IMG_6644

I kept saying, “Okay, this time be serious” and he would say, “Okay”.  And we would get this… IMG_6650

… or this … IMG_6655

… or this … IMG_6659

… but it all ended in this so mission accomplished.  IMG_6657

I love him.