Growing Out On A Limb

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An Icy Walk

We have done this walk several times now – it is one of our faves!  This afternoon was beautiful and sunny, but rain a few days ago left the trail icy in spots – just more fun as far as the kids were concerned.


These woods are so beautiful… tall soft wood.  20190217_141204-001

Snack on the bridge!  20190217_142506-001

It was a great day for a Vitamin D fix!  20190217_142815_001-001

There might not be much snow here, but we still try to make the most of the beautiful outdoors in winter!



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December II!

We had lots of family over the holidays – Nana and Papa Logue came for a few days over Christmas morning, then Uncle Todd and his family came between Christmas and New Year, which brought a lot of other Martell family members to the area.  Add to that the fact that we had two boys in a hockey tournament and it made for a crazy but fun few days!

On Christmas eve, among all the Santa prep, we went for a little walk behind the subdivision to get the stink blown off of us.  Being outside is always good!

20181224_140547After the snacks, the snack out for Santa, the reindeer food sprinkled on the lawn, the stockings laid out … it was time for Santa to come!  20181224_231008


Everyone was very happy at the end of the day.  This might have been one of Emery’s favorite gifts – a mini google home for his bedroom!  He likes chilling in his room with the music on.  20181225_082532

Emery liked this gem-digging kit (Papa too!).20181225_170918


On boxing day we needed to get out of the house for some fresh air.  One of my favorite trails goes around a lake out on the bowater land.  It’s a beautiful walk and just what we needed!  20181226_140842





All calories burned were given back to McDonald’s 🙂20181226_152930

20181227_093419We got on a friend’s outdoor rink one afternoon – that was a fun day, as it started to snow while we were there.  It is so fun for the kids!  20181228_112733Oliver’s hockey team ended up winning all of their games and getting to the gold medal game – he had quite the cheering section!  They ended up getting second and he took it a little hard, but it’s all part of the game and it was close!  20181230_181543Emery had a lot of fun in his first tournament too!  20181231_145617

With the Martells we also went to a Mooseheads game, celebrated Grampy’s birthday at Montana’s, a New Year’s Eve party, and a few of us even did the polar dip on New Year’s day!  Now THAT was a great way to kick off the new year 🙂

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Tatamagouche on Father’s Day

I have a LOT of catch-up to do with posts going clear back to June.

This weekend was a father’s day weekend trip to Tatamagouche with some great friends.  We picked somewhere relatively close that none of us had been to before and the fact that the Tatamagouche Brewing Co. is there didn’t hurt either.

It was a quaint little campground right on the ocean.  No beach but beautiful views, beach combing, and really beautiful sunsets.



On Saturday a few of us went to the market.  It was really quaint, lots of booths, and lovely lady statues that Eleanor thought were impressive.  20180616_113546

We took a short walk from the market to the train station – a restaurant (like my home town) and rooms for rent on old train cars.  Neat!  20180616_115533


That day we also headed to the nearby beach.  20180616_145937

It was warm but the water was cold so no one swam for long.  It was still nice to sit in the sun though!  20180616_152535


The days were warm but my goodness, the evenings were COLD.  It was a combination of being right on the water and the time of year but we literally could have sat around the fire in snowsuits.


I think this is a morning shot of Oliver on the rocky beach at the campground.  20180616_081557

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First Bike Ride

The plan was to bike to Hubbard’s on the trans Canada trail. We were heading there to check out the market that we have heard is really nice.

In hindsight it was a lofty goal, both for Emery who who needed many breaks and for me, who hasn’t really biked since I was a teenager.

But we biked about 11 km, stopping for breaks and chatting the whole way. The morning was beautiful, the trail was great, and the company was even better.

We got bailed out and headed to the market anyway. We enjoyed some coffee and treats and will definitely be going back… maybe next time on our bikes?

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It was a great weekend for a couple of marathon events!

We started with the 2 km youth run, which all of the kids participated in – the boys ran with papa while Eleanor and I came behind. It was a beautiful day!

Eleanor was a little nervous leading up to the race and didn’t care for all the noise, but she took off running and finished the course running, so she got into the spirit of it after all!

And post-race ice cream just tastes better!

On a rainy Sunday morning nana, papa, and I took off for the 10 km race – papa ran while nana and I walked. (I am always amazed at my mom and dad and their energy!)

The sun never shone but the rain cleared off once the race started.

At the finish line…

And here we all are, feeling proud of our medals! It was a great weekend and a great event!