Growing Out On A Limb

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Duncan’s Cove

So beautiful and breathtaking and every other adjective you can think of that describes something that makes your jaw drop as you take it in.

We visited Duncan’s Cove for the first time in the spring when nana and papa were visiting.  Hubby was jealous of the pics and has been itching to go so we took a beautiful sunny and relatively warm Sunday afternoon to revisit.  The waves were crashing too.  Bonus.

We even found three geocaches along the way.  It was Emery’s first time and he really enjoyed it!  20161016_140923


Eleanor is getting a lot more stamina on our hikes, which I’m sure makes her feel more independent (and is easier on our backs).  I asked her for a picture and she sat right down on this rock and said a really long cheeeeee – <breath> – eeeeeeese.  20161016_141942My thinker.

20161016_142327Selfie!  20161016_142355

What a poser.  He knows how to frame a shot, I’ll give him that!  20161016_142946The water was churning here!  (Nana, this is not quite as cliffy as this picture makes it look!)20161016_143919This was almost where we turned around.  Even Oliver was commenting on how beautiful the scenery is.  20161016_144801I don’t think there could be a bad time of year to hike this trail, but all of the red low foliage puts this time of year right up there on the list.
20161016_150945There are old abandoned bunkers in a couple of places on this hike.  The boys thought it was neat that soldiers would have sat in those bunkers at some point.  20161016_151729I thought the graffiti was artsy.  20161016_152043


So stunning.


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Fall Day

It was a beautiful fall day to be outside and enjoy the sunshine.

The kids and I are solo this weekend and we went curling with Oliver, hit two parks, and spent some time with friends.  Days like this remind me of maternity leave and how we used to just wander around our new neighborhood, checking out parks and meeting new friends.

Eleanor is little miss independent on the playground (but always nearby… I don’t have to worry about her bolting like I did with Oliver).

IMG_20151017_150543 She loves the slide.  She slid down, yelled, “again!”, and ran the circuit again.  IMG_20151017_150735 Emery has recently been saying that he wishes we had swings in our yard and today I found out why:  he has figured out how to pump his legs and work the swings all by himself.  (He also jumps off while going pretty fast and gives me a mini heart attack but … well, that’s boys for you).  IMG_20151017_150757 Oliver has been working on the monkey bars at school and went the whole length of them today.  It hurts his hands but he tells me that if he licks them and rubs them on his pants they feel better :).  IMG_20151017_150813 IMG_20151017_150820 This is my beauty.  IMG_20151017_151106It is definitely harder without daddy around but part of me loves the extra time with them.  And I think this is my favorite time of year – I love the crispness and cool air in the morning and the warmth of the sun in the afternoon.  Tomorrow will be another beautiful day and we plan to enjoy it.

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An autumn sunday morning

Just another hike.  Last weekend was another rainy one but we caught a break in the rain and headed out for a couple of hours on the Kearney Lake trails.

It was a lovely, cool autumn morning for hiking.  The leaves were mostly down and the trail a bit slippery and soggy in parts, but we didn’t mind.  We always seem to have the best time when we’re out like this.

I am super happy to have our best camera lens fixed.  Capturing moments like these are what this blog is all about.  IMG_4748

IMG_4761 It may not seem so in this picture, but Eleanor enjoys our hikes too.  She gets tired of being cooped up after a while, but she usually sings and babbles while we are walking.  IMG_4764 The boys (and a girl hiding in the back).  This family picture was sent into Emery’s preschool to add to their family tree.  IMG_4769 This time on the hike we took a bit of a different trail and ended up on this beautiful rocky ridge.  It was the perfect spot for a break…IMG_4777… A silly break…IMG_4779 … A sleepy break (Just kidding)… IMG_4780 … a serious conversation break…  IMG_4793… a super smiley emery break.  IMG_4783 IMG_4787IMG_4804In case you’re wondering, the rain started on our drive home.  We were pretty happy we snuck this hike in!

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Visiting Arichat

Last weekend we made a trip home to Arichat.  It was a rainy visit but we tried to make the most of it.  And it’s always nice to visit nanny and grampy, rain or no rain.  Our good camera is up and running again too, so there are lots of pictures.  A bit of withdrawal perhaps.

I don’t care how rainy it is, this little girl is always a ray of sunshine.  She sleeps well, she eats well, she is (almost) always pleasant.  Sunshine.  IMG_4679On Saturday, daddy and jason helped grampy put up a new shed.  We were going a little stir crazy inside so the kids and I caught a little break in the rain and went to Martinique provincial park on the island.  While Eleanor slept in the car, the boys and I explored nearby.  IMG_4686The boys can always find something to do on a rocky beach.  IMG_4688 Emery was pushing the limits of his rubber boots.  IMG_4693 IMG_4698 My favorite pic of the lot.  IMG_4701It didn’t take long for the boots and socks to get wet and even less time for the boys to take them off. IMG_4708 Brothers.IMG_4710 What is it with boys and throwing things into the water…IMG_4714 IMG_4716 My sweet Emery!IMG_4721 Not long after that, the rain started again.  Oliver complained as we ran for our coats, but I caught Emery doing this.  The different reactions ring true to their personalities!  IMG_4722 We stopped by Rocky Bay on the way home for a picture.  It’s beautiful in spite of the rainy haze.  IMG_4724Nanny hugs are pretty awesome!
Eleanor and MomIMG_4735Sssshh.  This is one of those elusive playing-together-nicely moments.  I like listening to Oliver try to explain Go Fish to Emery.
IMG_4736Rain or no rain, we seem to find fun wherever we go.

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Kearney Lake Trails

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny fall-ish day – the perfect day for a hike.  The Kearney Lake trails are near Kearney Lake beach, which the kids and I visited early in the summer, so less than fifteen minutes from our house.  I am definitely putting this on my revisit-when-the-leaves-turn list.

The trail we were on came down along Kearney lake in a couple of spots.  This is Popcorn Island.  Don’t ask me why.


The trail was rocky and full of roots in a lot of places but the kids are used to that and had no trouble.  IMG_4315 IMG_4317 Eleanor, as usual, was along for the ride.  IMG_4321 Apple break!  IMG_4336 IMG_4337

At about the halfway point we took a trail off to the left that was quite beautiful with moss-covered rocky cliffs to one side but it ended up not being a trail after ten minutes or so of hiking.  No problem… we sat and had our apple break, took this muscly-posed shot, then found our way back to the main trail.  IMG_4342 This might be my favorite shot of the day.  Just a hint of fall.  IMG_4345 Then we came to Charlie’s Lake.  Gorgeous.  And look… does this mean they like each other after all?  IMG_4353 IMG_4362I did not feel well but am glad that we got out for this hike.  The fresh air had to be good for my cold and was definitely good for the soul.  The kids love looking around the woods and finding neat things in nature and, for whatever reason, maybe just the distraction of it all, we rarely have to referee when we are out like this.  That makes for a nice break for all of us.

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Family pics 2013

Earlier in the fall my friend Shari came for a visit and offered to take photos of our family (lucky us!).  I’m slow to get them to the blog just because … well, these days I’m slow doing just about everything.

I love them all but here are a few of my favorites.  Even the non-smiling photo of Emery captures his personality just perfectly.


Family of … five!  IMG_2284_ShariTucker

The little ones.

Sigh… he looks so grown up.  IMG_2305_ShariTucker


The guys.  IMG_2325_ShariTucker


The guys horsing around.  IMG_2327_ShariTucker

The girls.  IMG_2335_ShariTucker