Growing Out On A Limb

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Eleanor – 6.5 months

Eleanor is soooo happy to be eating.

I guess when you are roaming all around the living room floor all day, playing with toys all the way, you burn enough energy to need some extra fuel.  Here are a couple of videos of her moving around the floor.  These were taken at about 6 months but she has been pulling herself around since 5.5 months old.

(Seriously, what is it with my kids being on the move so quickly?!)

On top of cereal in the morning and at bedtime, she sits with us at every meal and gets little bits of whatever we are eating (within reason).  She doesn’t grab the food herself yet, but hopefully soon.








Spider Pancakes

In the spirit of Halloween, we made Spider and spider web pancakes this weekend!

The only trick to these is to put the batter from whatever recipe you like into a squeeze bottle.  I’m not sure we’ll ever have plain old pancakes again!  The possibilities are endless… letters, cars, Christmas trees, snowmen.

Oliver thought these were pretty fun.  But as long as there is syrup, he is happy.

Look at me, whipping out another idea I saw on pinterest.  As much fun as it is to browse pinterest for ideas and inspiration, it’s much more fun to actually knock a few of them off the list (and in most cases, less time consuming!).

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Everything is better with ice cream…

… and that includes learning how to use a spoon! 

We started both of our kids on food with the baby-led weaning method… basically lots of (real) finger foods and no spoon feeding by us.  Oliver’s transition to utensils was late and slow and, in fact, he still eats with his fingers fairly often. 

We started Emery the same way and weren’t thinking of forks and spoons yet, but lately he has been insistent on having one (which means moaning and pointing and refusing to eat until he gets one).  I’m pretty sure he just wants to be like us or, rather, like his big brother. 

Fine by me.  And he’s actually picked it up really quickly.  Ice cream is a good incentive though. 

Figuring it out…

Wrong end but … still tasty? 

Good to the last bite! 

Of course, Oliver loves ice cream too.  Can’t you tell?  Clearly I am interrupting something very important! 


That’s better (even if it is a tad forced and full of let’s-get-this-over-with-so-I-can-get-back-to-my-ice-cream)! 




This past weekend was a mix of birthday (mine) and Superbowl.  I love it when the two coincide.  Not only do we have an excuse to eat yummy munchies during the game (okay, so we eat yummy munchies allllll day long), we get to add birthday cake on top of it!

We mostly hung out at home on Saturday, although we did go watch daddy curl for a bit at the local Curl for Cancer.  We also got to hear some good music there.  Oliver was really taken by the drums.

But here we are earlier in the day, at lunchtime.  Oliver is helping Emery with his banana.

Banana-faced cutie!

I’m never sure what face I’m going to get for the camera these days but this mama thinks this one is pretty handsome!

Proud to be a big helper!

Later in the day Oliver helped daddy make a birthday cake for mommy… it was delicious!

On Sunday we hung out at Nana and Papa’s to watch the big game.  We spent lots of time outside in the afternoon – rides on the snowmobile, making snow angels, and jumping into the snow piles.

Mid-jump!  In case you’re wondering, his face says, “FUN!”

 Daddy helped to make some jumps BIGGER…

… and some giggles BIGGER.

Papa and Oliver even practiced their synchronized drift-jumps.

Sometimes life is like that:

Later we had lots of time for building towers of the lego variety…

… and the domino variety.  We were all amazed at his steady hand – daddy helped build it but he kept sliding dominoes into the middle, top, and bottom without the tower falling over.

While big brother was building, Emery was having fun with this little basketball.

It’s the first time he has cared to roll it back and forth to someone.  He giggled like mad when he “caught” it.

What a great weekend … I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate my birthday!

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Sweet corn… times two!


It’s that time of year … corn on the cob season! 

Emery still has a hard time handling the separate kernels but that doesn’t stop him from sucking them off the corn cob! 

When I gave Emery his cob last night I was reminded of another little guy that liked his corn the same way when he was little.  This is Oliver at six months old on a vacation to PEI. 

No, they don’t look alike at all!

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On eating and walking…

Emery is a champion eater, hardly able to get the food into his face fast enough.  He seems happiest when we lay it out on the tray and let him handle it himself, although this certainly isn’t the neatest route.  His favorite right now is banana but sweet potatoes and avocados run a close second and third.  He also likes bread with hummus, carrots, and peas.

I don’t know what it is about my offspring but wow, do they ever get their legs under them in a hurry!  Emery has been pulling himself around on his belly for several weeks.  He started getting up on his knees a few weeks ago and we thought, “Oh cute… he’ll be crawling soon!”.  A few days later he was getting up on his hands and feet, kind of like a downward dog.  And in the last few days he is wowing us all by standing up on his own.  At first it was using my hands, then a laundry basket, and now it’s pretty much constant… the couch, the plants, the television stand.


I do love to see my boys step through these phases but my goodness… the child isn’t even seven months old and he’s walking behind the stools and laundry baskets!  He knows it’s a big deal too – he is so proud of himself!

He definitely has Oliver’s 8 1/2-month record in his sights!

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From the high chair

One of the milestones around here recently is Emery’s move to the high chair.  I love this stage, watching Emery taste things for the first time.  Isn’t it hard to imagine how awesome a banana tastes when it’s your first bite?   

We use what is called baby-led weaning rather than the more traditional (in this part of the world anyway) method of spoon-feeding purees.  The basic premise is that you skip all the pureed stuff and go straight to soft foods that Emery can hang onto and manage himself, and he’ll naturally wean himself off the breast as he learns to eat and swallows more and more.  It worked really great with Oliver so there’s no reason not to pursue it with Emery. 

And so far, he is taking to it really well.  He goes crazy over the food and it’s really helped develop his grip and hand work.  He’s tried banana, apple, grapes, kiwi, watermelon, sweet potato, carrots, and even the foods we are eating, like pasta salad. 

If there is anything to complain about, it would be all the noise he makes!  He grunts and groans while waiting for food, in between bites, and during bites.  And loudly.  If Oliver happens to be in a mood it makes for a pretty noisy (and sometimes aggravating) mealtime.