Growing Out On A Limb

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An Icy Walk

We have done this walk several times now – it is one of our faves!  This afternoon was beautiful and sunny, but rain a few days ago left the trail icy in spots – just more fun as far as the kids were concerned.


These woods are so beautiful… tall soft wood.  20190217_141204-001

Snack on the bridge!  20190217_142506-001

It was a great day for a Vitamin D fix!  20190217_142815_001-001

There might not be much snow here, but we still try to make the most of the beautiful outdoors in winter!



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Oliver is 10!

It seems impossible that ten years ago I was cuddling my newborn … my first little babe … so hopeful and scared and full of love and awe.  I’m not sure I feel any more like I know what I’m doing now that I’m parenting a ten year old than I did back then, but I like to think I have a pretty good handle on who you are.

I am already starting to see glimpses of the tween and teenager you will soon become.  It makes me mourn that little newborn stage but only for a second – because then I think how cool it is to watch you grow and learn and start coming into your own.

As you turn ten…

  • It’s all about hockey.  Hockey and video games and sometimes hockey video games.  Las Vegas Golden Knights at the moment, but that flows with the tide a little bit.
  • You are playing on the TASA Flames – forward.  You are a good skater and always looking to make a smart play – but dang, those goals feel good too!
  • Favorite video games are NHL ’19 and recently Fortnite.
  • You are playing cello with the strings program at school.
  • You like games – card games, board games.  Phase 10 and cribbage are your favorites at the moment!
  • You do really well at school – a little distracted sometimes, but super smart.
  • Right now we are reading the How to Train Your Dragon series together – they are so good!


For your birthday we went to a Mooseheads game with a few friends – they won!  and had a little sleepover with lots of munchies and cake and video games. 20190216_170230

Vegas Knights cake!  20190216_205844

I hope that your birthday left you feeling loved and feeling as special as you are to me!





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Girls’ Afternoon

These pics were actually from some weekend afternoon in January when the boys were going skating on a pond or rink somewhere and just the girls were left home and to their own devices.

Eleanor had got this unicorn-shaped mask in her stocking and was dying to try it out.  So we did a spa day!

Unicorn and charcoal masks…


The cucumbers were short-lived…


Complete with a foot soak and a mani/pedi for both of us… what a treat!  We even had chocolates and a girly-girl movie while we hung out.


Love my girl!!

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December II!

We had lots of family over the holidays – Nana and Papa Logue came for a few days over Christmas morning, then Uncle Todd and his family came between Christmas and New Year, which brought a lot of other Martell family members to the area.  Add to that the fact that we had two boys in a hockey tournament and it made for a crazy but fun few days!

On Christmas eve, among all the Santa prep, we went for a little walk behind the subdivision to get the stink blown off of us.  Being outside is always good!

20181224_140547After the snacks, the snack out for Santa, the reindeer food sprinkled on the lawn, the stockings laid out … it was time for Santa to come!  20181224_231008


Everyone was very happy at the end of the day.  This might have been one of Emery’s favorite gifts – a mini google home for his bedroom!  He likes chilling in his room with the music on.  20181225_082532

Emery liked this gem-digging kit (Papa too!).20181225_170918


On boxing day we needed to get out of the house for some fresh air.  One of my favorite trails goes around a lake out on the bowater land.  It’s a beautiful walk and just what we needed!  20181226_140842





All calories burned were given back to McDonald’s 🙂20181226_152930

20181227_093419We got on a friend’s outdoor rink one afternoon – that was a fun day, as it started to snow while we were there.  It is so fun for the kids!  20181228_112733Oliver’s hockey team ended up winning all of their games and getting to the gold medal game – he had quite the cheering section!  They ended up getting second and he took it a little hard, but it’s all part of the game and it was close!  20181230_181543Emery had a lot of fun in his first tournament too!  20181231_145617

With the Martells we also went to a Mooseheads game, celebrated Grampy’s birthday at Montana’s, a New Year’s Eve party, and a few of us even did the polar dip on New Year’s day!  Now THAT was a great way to kick off the new year 🙂

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December I!

Given that January is nearly over, I figured it was now or never to get some of our December pictures posted.  It was such a busy month with lots of Christmas-y things and company visiting, I just didn’t keep up with blog posts.

Here are some highlights from December!

We went to get our tree a little early this year because we heard there might be a shortage.  There wasn’t, but we got to enjoy our tree at least a week longer than normal so the bonus was for us.


It was a beautiful day and this place even had hot chocolate and fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies when we were done!  20181208_141857

Oh, Christmas concerts – we won the lottery this year!  Two different elementary schools and three kids meant the potential to be out three nights for three different concerts… and we were!  I think these concerts are adorable and would go every night in December if I had my choice.

This year Oliver played his cello in the strings performance too (no pic of that) and here he is with his class!

20181211_193205Emery was super pleased with his fancy duds… it turns out he likes to be dressed up!  20181212_074054


This little girl could not have felt more like a princess on her concert day.  20181219_171546

During the daytime concert she had a difficult time on stage and left the stage for the second song.  But when she came home we talked about being brave and went early so I could have a seat near the front and make eye contact, and she had no issues at all!  20181219_184204

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PD day walk!

This little walk is becoming a yearly tradition in itself… taking a little woods walk for boughs to decorate the planters on the front step!

It’s a tad cold but otherwise a beautiful day and a great one for tramping around outside! The boys found three little trees that they want to put in their rooms this year … maybe another tradition in the making?

Of course we had to have a little creative inspiration in the form of donuts and hot chocolate!

Parent teacher and haircuts up next!

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Emery turns 8

Dear Emery,

You were excited for this one! I’m not sure what it was about turning 8 that had you so wound up, but it did not disappoint!

You had a big day – a bottle drive for your hockey team, a hockey practice, and then your friends joined you for the rest of the day – the other two of your three musketeers. We spent a couple of hours doing job simulations, playing with light sabers, and fighting zombies at Halifax VR – that couldn’t have been more fun! Pizza, cake, popcorn, movies, and a sleepover topped off the big day!

I’m so proud of the big boy you have become! You are a pretty quiet guy but there is a LOT going on in that head of yours. You are typically easy to please, a friend to everyone, easy to engage in play (whether it your best friends or Eleanor), and easy going. You have a kind heart and it shows often with your friends and siblings. You aren’t a push over though!

Here are some things about you as you turn eight:

  • You are loving your first year of hockey – we never have to ask twice to get you going. You always play your best and seem to love to be part of a team. I can’t wait until you start playing games!
  • You are an awesome reader, english and french. More and more you are picking up books on your own and selecting bigger books to read. Right now it is dog man and diary of a minecraft warrior.
  • You still love super hero stories, ninjago, and now voltron – you’re a sucker for a hero!
  • I don’t think school is your favorite, but you work hard and behave and make excellent grades. And you love that your best buddies have been in the same class since primary!
  • That brings me to my favorite thing about you – you are such a great friend to your friends. When you, Akshat, and Gavin get together I just love to watch you interact – you are such a tight little threesome.
  • You’re a sensitive little guy – when Eleanor was sick a few weeks ago you wrote her a nice letter for her to read when she felt better. (I think this is also why you take it so hard when your big brother is hard on you).
  • You do love video games, but you are just as happy engaging in pretend play with someone
  • You love to be creative and are especially good at drawing
  • Imagine Dragons is your favorite band. Sometimes you take “google” into your room and just chill on your bed with tunes and a book.

I just love watching you grow along with your friends, your siblings, your schoolwork, your hobbies. Sensitive and kind – keep on keeping on, sweet boy!

Love you,