Growing Out On A Limb

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PD day walk!

This little walk is becoming a yearly tradition in itself… taking a little woods walk for boughs to decorate the planters on the front step!

It’s a tad cold but otherwise a beautiful day and a great one for tramping around outside! The boys found three little trees that they want to put in their rooms this year … maybe another tradition in the making?

Of course we had to have a little creative inspiration in the form of donuts and hot chocolate!

Parent teacher and haircuts up next!


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Emery turns 8

Dear Emery,

You were excited for this one! I’m not sure what it was about turning 8 that had you so wound up, but it did not disappoint!

You had a big day – a bottle drive for your hockey team, a hockey practice, and then your friends joined you for the rest of the day – the other two of your three musketeers. We spent a couple of hours doing job simulations, playing with light sabers, and fighting zombies at Halifax VR – that couldn’t have been more fun! Pizza, cake, popcorn, movies, and a sleepover topped off the big day!

I’m so proud of the big boy you have become! You are a pretty quiet guy but there is a LOT going on in that head of yours. You are typically easy to please, a friend to everyone, easy to engage in play (whether it your best friends or Eleanor), and easy going. You have a kind heart and it shows often with your friends and siblings. You aren’t a push over though!

Here are some things about you as you turn eight:

  • You are loving your first year of hockey – we never have to ask twice to get you going. You always play your best and seem to love to be part of a team. I can’t wait until you start playing games!
  • You are an awesome reader, english and french. More and more you are picking up books on your own and selecting bigger books to read. Right now it is dog man and diary of a minecraft warrior.
  • You still love super hero stories, ninjago, and now voltron – you’re a sucker for a hero!
  • I don’t think school is your favorite, but you work hard and behave and make excellent grades. And you love that your best buddies have been in the same class since primary!
  • That brings me to my favorite thing about you – you are such a great friend to your friends. When you, Akshat, and Gavin get together I just love to watch you interact – you are such a tight little threesome.
  • You’re a sensitive little guy – when Eleanor was sick a few weeks ago you wrote her a nice letter for her to read when she felt better. (I think this is also why you take it so hard when your big brother is hard on you).
  • You do love video games, but you are just as happy engaging in pretend play with someone
  • You love to be creative and are especially good at drawing
  • Imagine Dragons is your favorite band. Sometimes you take “google” into your room and just chill on your bed with tunes and a book.

I just love watching you grow along with your friends, your siblings, your schoolwork, your hobbies. Sensitive and kind – keep on keeping on, sweet boy!

Love you,



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I love fall! We didn’t get to an actual pumpkin patch this year but Farmer clem’s will do just fine!

Emery and Eleanor were still good with the stick-on faces this year.

Eleanor picked one out that was just her size!

Emery’s pumpkin… some might think it’s a little overboard… to emery it is just the right amount of goofy!

Oliver wanted to carve this year… it’s my favorite too!

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Another first day of school!

Today oliver is starting grade four, Emery is starting grade three (at the big school!), and Eleanor is in her first day of primary!

We had mixed emotions at the bus stop today as we watched our little girl jump on the bus for her first day of primary – so excited for the things she will learn and the new people she will meet but a bit of sadness that this will be our last first day.

Yesterday I asked her if she wanted me to meet her at the school (like I did for the boys) or have Oliver show her to her classroom… she picked big brother! He was proud and realized what a big deal that was!

Those are her cray cray pants by the way!

I expected some hesitancy getting on the bus (mostly because our test bus drive was full of tears), but she hopped right on and didn’t look back! I will be anxiously waiting for that bus to pull up this afternoon and hear all about it!

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Tatamagouche on Father’s Day

I have a LOT of catch-up to do with posts going clear back to June.

This weekend was a father’s day weekend trip to Tatamagouche with some great friends.  We picked somewhere relatively close that none of us had been to before and the fact that the Tatamagouche Brewing Co. is there didn’t hurt either.

It was a quaint little campground right on the ocean.  No beach but beautiful views, beach combing, and really beautiful sunsets.



On Saturday a few of us went to the market.  It was really quaint, lots of booths, and lovely lady statues that Eleanor thought were impressive.  20180616_113546

We took a short walk from the market to the train station – a restaurant (like my home town) and rooms for rent on old train cars.  Neat!  20180616_115533


That day we also headed to the nearby beach.  20180616_145937

It was warm but the water was cold so no one swam for long.  It was still nice to sit in the sun though!  20180616_152535


The days were warm but my goodness, the evenings were COLD.  It was a combination of being right on the water and the time of year but we literally could have sat around the fire in snowsuits.


I think this is a morning shot of Oliver on the rocky beach at the campground.  20180616_081557

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Eleanor is 5!

My lovely…


We have been talking about this birthday for months but this morning when I said, “Happy Birthday, you’re 5!”, you said, “I don’t want to be 5!”.  Maybe in this case the build up was better than the moment?

If you had asked me six months ago if you were ready to start school, I wasn’t sure… you still seemed so small!  But in the past six months you have grown and matured and seem to be saying and doing older and smarter things – Five-year-old things!  Now I can’t wait to see you jump on the bus with that massive backpack on your back.

You are sweet as pie but can be spicy as cayenne!  You love hugs and snuggles and all things girly, but you also love farts and making faces and walking through mud puddles.  You love your brothers so much and love to laugh and be funny with them.  When they bite you are definitely not afraid to bite back.

Here are some things about you as you turn five:

  • You have a pretty goofy sense of humor.  You love to be funny and to hear funny things.
  • You just learned to swim and within one week went from wearing a life jacket to diving to the bottom of the pool.
  • You love LOL dolls, shopkins, and all of those hold-in-your-hand collectibles.  You also love Fancy Nancy books.
  • You are a great friend to your friends.
  • You have known your letters for a long time and like to practice writing; you are also very anxious to learn how to read so I’m sure that will come soon!
  • You like dancing and singing and seem to be musical.
  • You are a really adventurous eater but when you don’t eat something, you really don’t like it!  Your birthday supper was … pizza!  Oh, and you love candy.
  • You like secret kisses and secret handshakes.  Recently, you often look at me and mouth the words “I love you” like it’s our own little secret.
  • You love to color and draw and being creative in general.

Today you celebrated with your friends (we will miss Lisa!) and at home we had cake, ice cream, and presents.  On the weekend we will have a party for your closest friends!


I am so excited to watch you start school and navigate your way through a new routine and making new friends.  You’ve got this, girly!