Growing Out On A Limb

About Me

About me… I’m a (young) 30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada with my hubby, two (mostly) darling little boys, and a dog that gets nowhere near the attention she did before kids came along.  We live in a treehouse (okay, not literally) and like trying to keep life as simple and clean as possible.

When I came to the end of Oliver’s baby book, I decided I wanted a place to record some of the things he does every day… milestones, funny faces, new words … the sort of thing that is insignificant to everyone else but a big deal to a mommy!  My attempt at a handwritten journal was unsuccessful (because really, who writes anymore?!), so this is my next attempt at keeping up.

My hope is that they will get a lot of joy out of browsing through these posts someday too.

I’ll throw in posts of crafty adventures (and misadventures) from time to time – not because I think I’m wonderfully talented or anything but because I think it’s fun to take pictures and have a record of those things.  I’ll also throw in the odd recipe – again, not because I think I’m a wonderful cook but because it’s nice to have one place to store the recipes I’ll make over and over again.

But I suppose the title of this space refers as much to my children growing up as it does to my own growth as a woman and mother.  Parenthood is tough!  So many things change when that first little one comes along and it really threw me for a loop that none of my books even came close to preparing me for.  It’s taking a lot of adjustment to figure out who I am as a mommy but it’s a journey I’ve settled into and that I’ll be on for the rest of my life.

Every step makes a difference.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Lovely legacy, for all of you.

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