Growing Out On A Limb

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Another first day of school!

Today oliver is starting grade four, Emery is starting grade three (at the big school!), and Eleanor is in her first day of primary!

We had mixed emotions at the bus stop today as we watched our little girl jump on the bus for her first day of primary – so excited for the things she will learn and the new people she will meet but a bit of sadness that this will be our last first day.

Yesterday I asked her if she wanted me to meet her at the school (like I did for the boys) or have Oliver show her to her classroom… she picked big brother! He was proud and realized what a big deal that was!

Those are her cray cray pants by the way!

I expected some hesitancy getting on the bus (mostly because our test bus drive was full of tears), but she hopped right on and didn’t look back! I will be anxiously waiting for that bus to pull up this afternoon and hear all about it!