Growing Out On A Limb

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Video Games Live

A couple of weeks ago Oliver and I went to see Video Games Live… a mash up of the NS symphony and music from classic and current video games. It is a city by city tour created by a famous video games composer and I thought it was the coolest possible way to introduce Oliver to the symphony.

He didn’t recognize some of the older games (not did I) but he still enjoyed the videos and when I pointed out the different instruments.

It was high energy and a lot of fun, complete with giant bouncing pokeballs at the end. The symphony was amazing as always – it’s the coolest job ever, right? – and was super fun for both of us.


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Easter hike

Yesterday the boys and I escaped to Crystal crescent for a nice walk and time at the beach. It was a beautiful day – the first day we have had where you can really believe spring is on its way.

We have swam here before but never hiked. We walked and scrambled over the rocks along the shoreline for a while, looking for sea glass and sea creatures in the tidal pools.

After a while we stopped and ate our lunch on the rocks.

We sent daddy a selfie to make him jealous.

We walked the trail back.

And then we just enjoyed the main beach, looking for more sea glass and listening to the waves on the shore.

It was such a soul-feeding time. Ore than once Oliver said, “I love nature!” as we were walking, so I think even they were feeling the sun and warmth seep into their bones.

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This guy had a great year of hockey. He started the year with a broken wrist so didn’t even get to try outs.

He really enjoyed the team he was placed on. They only had one goalie so they often needed someone to fill in. Oliver was more than happy to try it out a few times.

He is a great skater too and scored often. I’m not sure which one he likes better but he is already excited for next year!

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Beaver buggy!

For the third year in a row, Emery’s beaver group made beaver buggies to race with the rest of the group. We weren’t allowed to add a bunch of weight this year, so Emery got creative with the decorations.

He wasn’t the fastest but he could definitely see the finish line!