Growing Out On A Limb

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Martell spa

Today while the boys went skating, Eleanor and I had a bit of spa time.

First, a little foot soak!

Then we painted all the nails a lovely rainbow pattern (meaning all colors with no pattern at all)…

And because nana mentioned maple leafs on her fingers in the spirit of the Olympics, I took it as a challenge of course.

I won’t quit my day job 🙂


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Oliver turns 9!

My fun and fierce Oliver,

Another year goes by (far too quickly) and here you are… Nine years old! You are the same fun, intense, straight shooting kid and are killing grade three, the new school, and kicking butt at hockey.

You definitely see things black and white (you’re welcome) – there’s not a lot of grey in your world. You definitely want what you want when you want it. That makes you hard sometimes, especially on your siblings, but we are working on softening up the hard line you take sometimes. As hard as you can be on them, I know you can be an equally great friend to your buddies – funny, playful, helpful, and loyal – and we also see that sensitive side that makes you slow down and play a game with eleanor or clean up the basement without being asked.

That personality also makes you take on everything with ferocity. When you are playing hockey, you chase the puck down hard. When you are goalie, you’re diving on the puck. When you are playing a video game you look up tricks that help you advance more quickly. You definitely go after what you want.

Here you are in goal…

You are still smart as a whip – an excellent reader and so good at mental math it is borderline “rainman”. You like to help the teacher a lot. You love the computer lab and are looking forward to next year when you might be able to play basketball and instruments.

You are a natural born piano player (it isn’t any wonder with long fingers like those) and like to fiddle around even when I am not telling you it’s piano lesson time.

For your birthday we had three of your buddies here for laser tag and a sleepover. I love watching you hang out with your friends.

Happy birthday, Oliver.. double digits next year!

I love you!


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A glimpse of winter

Last week Eleanor and I travelled to NB for our annual superbowl/work trip. The bonus to me was actually having a bit of snow to play in! It always surprises me how different winter can be between NS and NB – they seem so close and yet we have next to no snow and the snow banks in beechwood are feet high!

We took advantage and got Eleanor out for her first snow shoe. She seemed to enjoy it and did great!

The company was pretty stellar…

It was lightly snowing and such a beautiful day!

We played a little more when we got back. There was one big drift in the backyard!