Growing Out On A Limb

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Emery is 7!

My funny, caring, sensitive Emery,


I am just amazed every day at who you are becoming.  You have always been a thinker, quiet, on the shy side, a little hesitant to try new things or join into something new.  As you get older and as you find your place, you are also finding a confidence that makes you speak your mind and be more assertive.  It makes for more interesting arguments at home, that’s for sure, but it’s also so cool to watch you come out of that shell.

You are perfectly goofy but serious when you need to be.  You are sweet and caring and often think about others.

Some things about you as you turn seven:

  • You are a great friend to your friends.  You have a tight little group of two friends and you are such kindred spirits it is so fun to watch you play together
  • You love jokes (especially funny words) and you love being funny
  • You and Oliver have your (frequent) moments but you and Eleanor play together so well.  You can find common ground and play and have fun with pretty much anyone.
  • You are an excellent reader in both english and french.  You are a great student.
  • You are a curler and are really good at it (but not so sure you’re liking it at the moment… we’ll see).  You also play soccer at school pretty much every day.
  • You still like drawing and crafts
  • You like doing pretty much anything outside, even if it’s just a little walk down the road

I love you and the piece of the family puzzle you fill.

Happy birthday!





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Halloween 2017

I didn’t get the usual doorstep pic this year but did we ever have fun celebrating Halloween with our friends!

We had an ironman…

… a creepy ghoul (I think?)…

… and the lovely Rapunzel (complete with wig that was as tall as her)!