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Tall Ships Festival

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Tall Ships Festival 2017 … the boys and I are home alone this weekend and I wanted to do something fun and special, just my boys and I, so we headed to the waterfront!  20170729_153201

This is so cool… a bunch of really big beautiful ships docked right here.  And they’re RACING.

And the Bluenose was here (pic for hubby)!  I thought the boys might like taking a tour of some of the ships, but the lines were super long and not really little-boys-that-like-to-pick-on-each-other-friendly.  20170729_155743We took a little tour of the harbour on the Harbour Queen.  I wish it had been on a tall ship and I’m not sure how impressed the boys were with the ride, but it was neat to see the tall ships and the city from the water.  20170729_170738This was by far the coolest ship – from Spain and totally a pirate ship.  It even had cannons sticking out the sides.20170729_171831

20170729_183543The boat ride may have been over-shadowed by anticipation for this – the bouncy castles.  Several to choose from, all of them a blast, but this may have been the favorite – the Toxic Drop.  20170729_191750


So pretty.20170729_200048We spent the rest of our time eating pizza, at the playground, having ice cream (that we were able to completely eat in a very long line while waiting to pay), riding the wave (if you’ve been, you know what I mean).  We tried to take in the concert with Natalie McMaster and the symphony, but after five minutes (and as I’m standing there wow’ed by the energy) Oliver said, “Mommy, this music doesn’t even have words” and they both lost patience (and this after almost being crushed by the crowd to get in there).

This was what we were waiting for.  The fireworks were shorter than I expected, but still cool.  Location, location, location.  20170729_213816_001


And who doesn’t love being downtown at night?  The people, the live music, the lights… and I got to do it all with two of my favorite people.  I’m a fortunate gal.


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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

One thought on “Tall Ships Festival

  1. You are certainly a blessed gal!…….and a blessing of a gal yourself!!

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