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NB Homecoming

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Eleanor, Emery, and I spent last week in NB for Ali’s homecoming!  After years away, her and her family have moved back to NB.  We got to meet Sofiyah for the first time, get re-acquainted with Aaliyah, and spend some quality time as a family.  Home.

I have so few pictures for what I feel was such a busy week, but here are a few highlights.

The kids really wanted a campfire.  It was a super hot week, but we picked an evening to roast marshmallows and make s’mores anyway!


Sofiyah knows how to pose… clearly her mama owns a camera!  20170720_184629

20170720_184841We had several wheeler rides up over the hill, on the trails I ran over many, many, many times as a kid.  We collected so many wild flowers to place around nana’s house!20170720_192028

Saturday morning we all went to the fields to pick raspberries and strawberries.  It was a beautiful summer morning!

20170722_102251I love showing the kids where their food comes from and the scenery, my old stomping grounds of holmesville, is a special place to do it.  20170722_102554

20170722_102632On Saturday afternoon we had a little walk at the beechwood dam.  They still keep the big clock looking nice (although the time could use a little fixing).  20170722_150644

So many moments not captured – swimming at the bath pool, splash pad, a family BBQ (complete with washer toss tournament), an evening at Fresh with Ali, Phase 10 – but great memories made just the same!


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One thought on “NB Homecoming

  1. What beautiful memories you are creating with everyone, including us, about your family! So well documented and illustrated! Thank you so much! Phyllis and Velma

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