Growing Out On A Limb

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Snow storm

These pics are actually a few weeks old.  The snow from that storm didn’t last long (insert sad face) but we sure enjoyed it while it lasted!  

Emery and went for a walk the evening the snow started.  It wasn’t far but it was really beautiful.  

Emery made a fort in the trees.

Eleanor is getting around in the snow much better this year and seems to enjoy it!  

Please… more snow!!  


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Waterfall and Geocache Hunt

The kids and I set out today on a waterfall hunt.  I found a map of waterfalls in NS and realized there is one right off the St Margaret’s Bay trail near our house.  (I think this would be a fun thig to plan our hikes around this summer!)  And the geocaching is just a fun bonus to all of our walks/hikes lately! 

So the kids packed their bags with geocache treasures, snacks, and who knows what other items they felt were critical at the time… and off we went!  

The waterfall ended up being right on the trail and just a few minutes from where we parked, but we realized there was a trail through the woods that ran beside it … and who doesn’t like walking in the woods?!  We sure do!  

The brook was a series of little waterfalls called Smelt Brook Falls.  The kids were super impressed!  

Oliver was pretty stoked that he could get so close!  

After briefly losing emery, we were back on the trail and hunting for Geocaches.  

We found one Geocache along the trail…… and another super sneaky one hidden in the guard rail where we parked.  

What a nice way to break up a lazy Sunday morning!  

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Sunny day

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day so the kids and I headed to a playground in our subdivision.  It was cool but we all warmed up kicking the soccer ball around.

Even Eleanor got a few goals in (her brothers miiiiiight have been helped out a bit by letting a few slip by them, but they still count!).  20170102_135637


The selfie including Oliver didn’t work out but I got one with these two cuties!!  20170102_135931

We went home and warmed up with some hot chocolate and super mario brothers!

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One of Emery’s Christmas gifts was a kit to build a volcano.  Over a couple of days Emery built the volcano and put the plaster strips on it.  Then he and Oliver painted it (working very well together I might add).

20170101_17102220170101_172425Everyone was excited to watch it erupt!  20170102_083440


It was a fun project and Emery got to build it from the beginning, which I think he really takes pride in.  And the volcano is still intact so we can erupt it again if we want!

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New Year firsts!

Nana and papa visited after Christmas and over New Year’s … it was a visit full of firsts!

Papa wanted to go geocaching.  He has heard us talk about it and was curious to see how it worked, so we went for a walk to find one.  It was a big box but there wasn’t much inside of it.   20161229_162549

We were the barker’s beauties cheering him on.  20161229_162542

Oliver had his first hockey tournament last week – four games over two days.  He got these new “dressy” clothes to use for his hockey games.  I can’t get this kid to put on jeans for school but he proudly dresses up for his hockey games!  20161230_111753

On New Year’s Eve we curled in a family bonspiel – nana, papa, emery, and I.  It was a lot of fun.  Emery has never curled the full sheet of ice and had to use the heavy rocks, but he did great.  I think he used some of the skills he has learned in the Ice Cubes program and learned more about the game.  20161231_101141

We had a great visit with nana and papa but today we are all back to normal business!