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Yogi camping

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On Labor Day weekend we hauled the camper home and spent a long weekend at Yogi bear.

What a campground for kids!  We got there on Thursday and the place was nearly deserted but on Friday it filled up to near capacity and was bustling.  Waterslides, mini golf, a new water park, a pool, and activities all day long… if you want to keep the kids busy, it is not hard to at this campground.

Oliver especially loved the mini golf.  Eleanor gave it a good try and …

20160902_130202… well, she looked super cute trying.  20160902_130213We had a couple of reunion events to attend, one of which took us back to a very familiar splash pad.  20160903_132928We also attended sweet Gabby’s second birthday party.  The cake pops were awesome (just ask Emery).  20160903_152853Seating was limited.  (Not really though).  20160903_154853On that weekend they also had a hot air balloon festival in bath, my home town.  It seems like an odd place to have a festival like this – a small town that has lost so many businesses in the last fifteen years that it is now unremarkable to drive through, a shell of the town I grew up in.  But every flight brought out people to watch the balloons filling up and, during their flights, cars would stop along the country roads to watch them float along the river valley.  It felt like it brought some life into that town, even if it was just for a  weekend.

This picture is from mom and dad’s back yard.
20160904_080509Back to jellystone… we spent our last day at the park with family and friends, running from the water park to the pool to the slides.  It was a beautiful end-of-summer day.  20160904_150343

I spent the weekend trying to convince emery – unsuccessfully – to try the water slides but he did love the water park!  20160904_150414

20160904_151306Oliver had no problem with these or the bigger waterslides.  20160904_152241This is a pretty sweet shot of nan and our two little girls!  20160904_182703

We had a great bbq after a day of sun and then packed up the next day and headed home.  It was a great place to camp and close to a lot of people I love, which made it a thousand times better!


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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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