Growing Out On A Limb

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Halloween 2016!

My spooks!

Oliver knew months ago that he wanted to be a zombie hockey player.  He was a little hesitant when it came time to put on the makeup but loved it once it was on.  20161029_161505

When we first started talking about Halloween, Eleanor said she wanted to be a “sca-wee witch”.  Then it was a princess.  Then it was Elsa.  Then it was an “elsa baby princess witch”.  So I went shopping for her by myself!

I don’t know about scary but she is about the cutest witch I have ever seen!
20161029_161542I told her to show me a “scary witch”.  We’ll work on it.  20161029_161557And finally … optimus prime in the most fierce optimus prime pose!  20161029_161641


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Duncan’s Cove

So beautiful and breathtaking and every other adjective you can think of that describes something that makes your jaw drop as you take it in.

We visited Duncan’s Cove for the first time in the spring when nana and papa were visiting.  Hubby was jealous of the pics and has been itching to go so we took a beautiful sunny and relatively warm Sunday afternoon to revisit.  The waves were crashing too.  Bonus.

We even found three geocaches along the way.  It was Emery’s first time and he really enjoyed it!  20161016_140923


Eleanor is getting a lot more stamina on our hikes, which I’m sure makes her feel more independent (and is easier on our backs).  I asked her for a picture and she sat right down on this rock and said a really long cheeeeee – <breath> – eeeeeeese.  20161016_141942My thinker.

20161016_142327Selfie!  20161016_142355

What a poser.  He knows how to frame a shot, I’ll give him that!  20161016_142946The water was churning here!  (Nana, this is not quite as cliffy as this picture makes it look!)20161016_143919This was almost where we turned around.  Even Oliver was commenting on how beautiful the scenery is.  20161016_144801I don’t think there could be a bad time of year to hike this trail, but all of the red low foliage puts this time of year right up there on the list.
20161016_150945There are old abandoned bunkers in a couple of places on this hike.  The boys thought it was neat that soldiers would have sat in those bunkers at some point.  20161016_151729I thought the graffiti was artsy.  20161016_152043


So stunning.

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Last weekend, Oliver and I left early for a birthday party to take a little walk while trying out the geocaching app that I have had on my phone for months and hadn’t tried yet.  We went to a trail on Long Lake, near Spryfield.

Our first geocache was in a little hole under the roots of a tree.  Oliver was so excited to find it!  We had brought along a few trinkets that we could trade for whatever we found in the box.

I don’t remember what we left but we were pretty stoked to find this rocking sponge bob!  20161009_103551

It was a warm, muggy morning.  We didn’t actually do much of the trail but what we did see was really beautiful.  20161009_104005

And geocache #2, found in the crook of a tree!  20161009_105647


Pretty good for our first time!  We have since gone geocaching with emery and it seems like something he will enjoy too – a fun addition to our outdoor adventures!



Last weekend we took our annual trip to the orchard – a beautiful fall Saturday that was perfect for being out in the sunshine and fresh air.  We apple picked, we pumpkin patched, we hay rode, we corn mazed.  It was a great afternoon!

Emery is in Beavers again this year.  The kids take turns taking home this stuffed beaver and doing fun things with it. It was his idea to get a picture in the pumpkin patch!  20161008_151239This is our third year going back to Willowbank farm in the valley.  It is a quaint little farm – big enough to keep the kids busy but not so big that it is overcrowded with people. 20161008_152825They also have a little petting zoo area.  The boys were keen and interested in the animals.  Eleanor was hesitant at first but she did pet a couple of donkeys with the tiniest bit of coaxing.  20161008_155446



Everyone loves a hay ride!20161008_162624


Look at that.  They do like each other.img_7075
School pictures were a disaster this year and both boys were balking at having to do retakes, so I told them if they cooperated for shots at the orchard they wouldn’t have to.  I think they turned out okay!  And maybe a tad more interesting than the school pics?  img_7079-001



My bed-headed beauty.  She didn’t remember the farm trip from last year so it was all new to her.  She says she liked everything but the corn maze (thought I’m not sure why).


What a fun day!

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We closed up the pool this past week but I realized I had not posted these pics from earlier in September.

We so enjoy our pool!  The boys both swim like fish above and below water and do jump after jump after jump.  Eleanor started out the summer by being nervous to get in at all but quickly learned to trust her life jacket and spent most of the summer climbing in and out of the pool and swimming by herself with the jacket on.

The boys love doing trick jumps so on this day I took out the camera to capture the crazy.








I think this was a flip … ?!?!20160910_151312

Oh my word, I crack up every time I look at this.  20160910_151440

It’s kind of sad to say goodbye when we close up the pool, but there isn’t a thing wrong with fall either!