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Sidney & Stanley

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Last weekend we headed to dartmouth for the stanley cup parade.  It was really neat to see Sidney Crosby in the news all week, popping up all over the city with the cup – Tim Horton’s, the waterfront, a senior’s home.  It really is difficult to imagine how it feels to come home and have thousands of people line up to see you and celebrate with you.  Or to imagine how proud you must feel as a parent to know that your kid is a hero to so many other kids out there.

Oliver really wanted to go.  He and his friends talk a lot about hockey and, though he doesn’t play, it seems to be heading that way.  And who knows when we might get the chance to see a stanley cup parade again?  So we packed up and headed over early for the 10:30 am parade.

Heading over early meant there was plenty of time to kill.  I can’t believe we fit all five of us in a selfie!  And only two of the kids look like they’re picking their noses – bonus.  20160716_094716


Extreme closeup #120160716_094859Extreme closeup #220160716_094922

Extreme closeup #3 – Eleanor needed to get in on the action too.  20160716_095010

The pics are the best I could manage.  Look at the row of guy standing in front of me, all with their phones up!  It makes me chuckle a little bit.  20160716_105052We were very near the beginning of the parade route so we could stand right up next to where the truck rolled by.  Most people walked behind the truck for the whole parade, which ended a few blocks away and they did speeches and more celebration.  That was a little too much for us this time and it was really hot so we opted out.  20160716_105059



Honestly, I’ve been feeling really “meh” about encouraging Oliver to get into hockey.  He has friends that do and he talks about it all the time so I know he wants to, but I (maybe selfishly) dislike the idea of hanging out at an arena and early morning practices on the weekends.  It just seems to take over your life (not to mention your wallet).  But Oliver is an active and athletic kid.  And a competitive kid.  And he could stand to learn how to be competitive while being fun and fair and a good sport all at the same time.  So we have signed him up for a week of hockey summer camp so he can try it out and we’ll go from there.

And after watching Crosby in the news all week – making people happy by visiting the IWK, senior’s homes, and all the rest – I figure that there are far worse people that my kids could hold up as their heroes.


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