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Canada Day Weekend

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We were so lucky to have a bunch of family in town last weekend – nan, dawn, scott, gabby, chris, cindy, madison, and abby!  It was great to have all of them to do Canada day stuff with, as well as the typical Halifax touristy things.  We definitely hit the highlights, which is fun for me to do now and then as well.  It kind of reminds me of what makes this city really great.

The Canada Day parade.  Honestly, it was kind of the pits this year – it seemed short and kind of boring, but I guess it’s still fun to gather with so many people for the same purpose.  Especially when the purpose is to celebrate how great Canada is.  IMG_20160701_102642


Check out the teeth (or lack thereof!)… IMG_20160701_103256




After the parade we wandered the waterfront and had lunch at RibFest.  An odd place for a vegetarian, yes, but man… those fries were good!  IMG_20160701_123552

Nan and the littles.  IMG_20160701_165452

Saturday was rainy so we headed to the market (yay!) and hit the mall.  IMG_20160702_105904

After supper the kids played beanboozled.  This was our first time and it was hilarious to watch the kids.  Emery was very somber and quiet through the whole thing – honestly, I think he heard the word “game” and then wondered why we were making him taste vomit-flavored jelly beans before the game started.


We also spent some time at Peggy’s Cove and Queensland beach.  It was a beautiful day to be hanging with the family at the beach!  IMG_20160703_125031

It was a busy and tiring week but I’ll take visitors any day of the week, especially when it’s family!


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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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