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Last Day of School 2016

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Clearly I missed the flurry of ‘last day of school’ pics a couple of weeks ago.  Better later than never!

Oliver’s last day of grade 1 and Emery’s last day of primary!

I am so proud of how Emery has come out of his shell this year.  He started this year very quiet and shy to respond when spoken to.  In fact, the teacher commented on his mid-year report card that he definitely knew the answers, but he would respond so quietly she couldn’t hear him.  He lacked confidence.  Fast forward to the end of the year and he is more confident with the school and with himself and less shy to participate in class.  He will probably never jump out of his seat to be first to answer (that’s more Oliver’s style… a la Horshack), but those are some giant steps he’s made and it fills me with pride and happiness for him.

Oliver is really strong academically and he had a great teacher this year that challenged and pushed him, yet knew to pull back when he needed it.  He amazes me with how clever and he is and how quickly he picks up on things.  His real challenge is with relationships – he is a big personality and sometimes doesn’t know how to resolve conflicts properly and take responsibility for his actions.  None of this surprises us – we see it at home too – and we are working on it.


A goofy picture … just because.  IMG_20160629_100548

Here’s to a great summer of fun and sun!


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