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Girls’ Weekend

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A couple of weekends ago, Eleanor and I found ourselves with an entire weekend to ourselves… no boys.  We did one special thing, a few of our favorite things, and a lot of just hanging around the pool since it was such a nice weekend.

First off, Eleanor and I got dressed up in pretty dresses and went to the Frozen musical.  It was so cute – Anna and Elsa on stage and retelling the Frozen story.


Kristoff and Olaf joined partway through.


The finale was ‘Let It Go’ one more time and “snow” being shot out of … something.  Eleanor stayed put but there were older girls up front dancing for this part.  It was so cute.

The whole theatre full of people and the loud music was a little overwhelming for her and she sat on my lap the entire time, folding my arms tightly around her the whole time, but in the end she told me she loved it so I think it was worth the trip.


We got a little shopping in (one of our favorite things – really, she loves to go shopping with me) and had friends over to swim with us one afternoon.  The next day was a bit of work around home and more pool time for us.


Partway through the afternoon she put on her cap and backpack and spent about 45 minutes getting in and out of her little truck.  I guess she was headed to school!


IMG_20160626_151043We were pretty happy to see the boys come home but I always enjoy our one-on-one time.  She really is quite a character – her innocent little mind comes out with the funniest things!  We will have lots of mother-daughter times to come!


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