Growing Out On A Limb


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Last weekend, Emery went with his Beavers group to BayJam, an annual two-night camping trip for all beavers, cubs, and scouts in the area on Sherbrooke Lake.  That sounds like a lot of boys to me!  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for so many parts of that trip (but glad I was not the cleaner of the bathrooms)!

I get the feeling the weekend was packed full of fun activities, based on the stories Emery told me and how tired he was when they got home (almost as tired as hubby).

Here they are launching bottle rockets.


The zip line was by far the most talked about adventure of the weekend.  Hubby says he walked the whole way there saying he was not sure he was going to try it, but when it came down to it he saw all the other kids doing it (especially his best buddy luke) and tried it.  He did it seven times after that!  IMG_20160611_111929

He feels so proud of himself when he overcomes those jitters – you can almost see the pride filling him up.  IMG_20160611_111149

Emery and Luke are checking out Sherbrooke lake.  IMG_20160611_120208Each group was responsible for a skit or song during the saturday night campfire.  Emery had a few stories about this too.  IMG_20160611_201554

His smiling face tells it all.  This camping trip seems like the perfect top off to a really fun season in beavers.  I think it has been so good for emery’s confidence with his peers – I’ve really seen him grow this past year and come into his own and beavers is a big part of that. Next year will be just as fun!  IMG_20160611_213729



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  1. What a wonderful experience for the boys including Brian!! You are both wonderful parents! Thank you for that. Phyllis and Velma

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