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Bluenose Marathon 2016 (subtitle: “My dad is amazing”)

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This weekend I am feeling mad proud after watching my dad and boys participate in the bluenose marathon.

This was the boys’ first run and papa was super excited to be running their 2 km with them.  The rest of us were there to cheer them on.

Eleanor put on a special outfit just for the occasion.


At the start line!  There were 4300 kids signed up for the 2- and 4-km runs… a record for any kids run across all of Canada.  Assuming that there was probably one adult for every couple of kids, there had to be 6500 people running.  It was pretty amazing to see them all take off at once.

Perhaps a little twirl while we wait for them to take off.

And a pic or two.  IMG_6937

Prettiest cheering section ever!  IMG_6940There were so many people taking off that we missed them going by.  We headed to the finish line but again, there were so many people that we didn’t actually see them cross the finish line.  Next year we will be able to navigate a little better.   IMG_6947We met them inside and heard all about the run (a couple of walks for a few seconds) and had a snack.  The boys loved getting the medals and the “blue noses”.

Poor Oliver woke up Saturday morning with a fever but decided to run after a dose of tylenol.  He was not feeling so great again once the race was over, but I was super impressed that he did it at all.  They are all a bunch of troopers if you ask me.

When papa asked Emery later if he would like to run again sometime, he said, “Yes.  Well… maybe not tomorrow”.  He would have to tell you in his own words, but I know crossing the finish line with the boys was a thrill and a really special moment for papa.  IMG_6955“Tomorrow” was papa’s half marathon.  The fact that he even trains for this thing amazes me, let alone doing it.  This was my first time near a marathon and I thought the energy was really neat.  It’s no wonder people go back over and over again (and that they had over 12,000 people registered for the weekend).  It’s really quite inspiring.

Here is papa getting all lined up to start.  Nana, emery, and I were all there to cheer him on.
IMG_6959Just taking off… IMG_6963Sorry papa, but this is what we did while you ran. We ate cinnamon buns the size of our heads.  I’m pretty sure this is the exact opposite of running.  IMG_6965Here is the best shot I have of the finish line.  It would be super nice if next year they could have the volunteers stand on the other side perhaps?  IMG_6966

His time was about 1 h 51 mins.  He was 9th in his age group (60-69) and 440th out of about 1600 runners.  That is pretty close to being in the top 25% of the whole race – all ages!  To someone who thinks it is incredible that he even steps to the start line, finishing stats like that astound me and make me so proud of him.

The whole weekend was a good time, with a bunch of other fun things interspersed with the bluenose events.  It was another great visit!


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