Growing Out On A Limb

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Spring campfire


Snow in April?

Yeah… why not.

Sit inside and mope about it?

No thanks.

Before our friends showed up for a hot dog roast, the kids took on daddy in an epic snowball fight!




The dogs were hot, the juice boxes were cold, the sun was out, … it was a gorgeous day to be outside and relax with friends while the kids played inside and out.  IMG_20160410_132700

(Okay, snow… we’re done now)


A Day Downtown

Saturday was a downtown day.  We normally don’t wish away winter but, with very little snow, it hasn’t felt like much of one and I think we are all looking forward to the sunshine being warm again.

We started off at the Discovery Centre.  It was my first time and they have so many fun things for the kids.

Legos (are everywhere!)…


… headless Olivers (which, he says, was the day’s highlight) …

… two-headed Emerys … IMG_20160409_113524

… mechanical T-rexes that the boys could drive… IMG_20160409_113955

… and a T-Rex named Sue!IMG_20160409_121346

They even had a bubble room (where, miraculously, the boys did not get wet)… IMG_20160409_114813

… and – not pictured – a hurricane simulator that made us laugh and laugh.  What a fun place!  The grown ups most definitely tired out before the kids did, because they could have run around there all day.

One of the coolest things – in all of our opinions – was the fundraiser they have on now for their future building.  For $5 each, you get a 6×6 lego plate.  We each chose a pattern, filled it out, and then got to stick it onto the gigantic lego wall mural that they are building.  Coolest fundraiser ever.


This is what they have so far, so they’re just getting started, but it is going to be HUGE and look super amazing.  IMG_20160409_120748

Then we walked up the block and had lunch at Durty Nelly’s.  Really, everyone was just super-excited to be drinking chocolate milk for lunch.  IMG_20160409_124053


After lunch, we waddled to the public library.
They also have a lego table, lots of fun toys, and of course we left with a big stack of books.  Eleanor had a great time playing with the pretend kitchen and made a couple of girl friends.  I love watching her share and interact with kids other than her brothers.  IMG_20160409_134139


On the way from the library, the boys wanted to pose with ol’ churchill.  They also had fun chasing the pigeons around and making them fly.  IMG_20160409_142355

Emery picked some purple crocuses that were popping up on a lawn.  I told him it would be really sweet to give them to the lady at the ice cream store since they would be wilted by the time we got home anyway.  I was pretty surprised that he said yes!  And she adored them.  IMG_20160409_142532

Now this is a sweet spot to have some ice cream!  And finally… a sunny afternoon to enjoy it!  IMG_20160409_143409