Growing Out On A Limb

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Oliver’s Star Wars Room

Oliver’s room was the only kid’s room that had had no attention since moving into this house almost two years ago. I have been collecting things for a star wars room for months, so when Brian said he was going with the kids for a couple of nights, I jumped on the chance.

Oliver knew we were planning changes to his room but did not know it was happening this weekend, so it was a total surprise (it was a teensy bit overshadowed by the easter egg hunt, but the reaction was worth it all just the same).

Blue and grey paint (sooo much better than burgundy and yellow), curtains hemmed, posters framed, decals stuck… a star wars room.


IMG_6869On to the next project!


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Easter 2016

Easter this year was a bit strange because Brian took the kids to nanny and grampy’s house while I tackled a big reno project at home.  The easter bunny did arrive though and when the kids came home at lunchtime on Sunday, the baskets were filled and the eggs ready to be hunted!

This year the bunny left eggs marked with Os and Es for the boys (so they could find the same amount of eggs) and pink and purple eggs for eleanor.  This was a hit, though it was hard to convince eleanor to keep finding eggs once she discovered the chocolate in the first one.


The bunny also brought them bike helmets because they need them and because we have been saying all winter that this is the summer of mastering the bicycles!  IMG_6838

IMG_6843It was a really nice spring day so we spent time outside in the afternoon.
IMG_6846 These two play together so well (most of the time).  IMG_6847 Emery is kind of hesitant to try out his bike (we’ll work on that) … IMG_6851 … but Eleanor jumped right on her trike.  We need to work on the pedaling.  IMG_6852 Emery, Eleanor, and I then took a walk down to flat lake.  They watched the ducks, threw rocks into the water, and managed to keep their feet dry … so let’s call it a success.  IMG_6854

This pretty girl has an automatic “cheeeeeeeeeese” when the camera is pointed her way (thanks Lisa!).  IMG_6858

This guys is always good for conversation and laughs.  IMG_6860

Oh my heart.  She wants to go everywhere the brothers go, so she needs a close eye, but she also is quite a talker so fun to have around.  IMG_6863

Ham dinner and coconut pie topped it all of.  The holiday seemed quick but we ticked off all the easter boxes and got a big project done so everyone was happy.  Happy Easter!

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March Break in NB

March break was a combination of work and play – a few days at work then a couple of days off to spend with the kids.

The week started off with a turkey hunt.  Yup, a turkey hunt.  After being told that turkeys are spotted regularly at the old homestead, we set off for a walk to see if we could find any.  We saw lots of tracks (those suckers are big!) but no turkeys, though it was a really nice day for a walk just the same.

We found this old carriage at someone’s old camp.



Lots of hanging around… the feet tell a better story of the energy level than the stillness of their faces.  IMG_20160313_171917

Papa took Thursday off of work and we headed for the camp.  We drove about halfway in, then walked the rest of the way.  It was a beautiful day – mild and lightly falling snow.  IMG_20160317_102216IMG_20160317_104349

We had a lovely lunch of hotdog buns (inside joke) and then headed back outside.  We had a little hike to the falls… IMG_20160317_130500… and did a bit of sliding.  Eleanor liked the sliding but the boys weren’t all that interested.


IMG_20160317_132606I think the kids were all tired and I know that I was overtired from sharing a room with Eleanor for several days, so we were all on edge and the whole day was… well, edgy. But despite the not-so-pretty feelings I had during that day, the beauty of this place and this scene and the company we were with are what is important and what I hope I will remember when looking at this picture.  IMG_20160317_134504

The week wasn’t very vacation-y for me but it ended with a really fun curling game and time with friends so it ended off on a high note.  It’s always good to be home.

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Road trip to NB

Tim hortons snack stop … IMG_20160312_101044


… and subway lunch stop.  IMG_20160312_121245

The subway stop quickly turned out-of-control silly to the point where I was surprised they didn’t ask me to never come back as we walked out the door.  But the majority of the trip was just fine.  It’s a long time for three kids to be cooped up in a car and a long time to be cooped up in a car with three kids!

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Last week, Oliver had a little day surgery.

For a kid that complains about a paper cut for three days, he took the entire thing like a champ – we learned and talked about the procedure for several days leading up to, there were no nerves the morning of the surgery, and very little complaining after the fact.

He spent the majority of three days on the couch and has pretty much taken care of the stitches on his own, which I think is so grown up for a seven year old.
IMG_20160307_111202The day after the surgery, Emery came home with a bag full of cards from every kid in his class.  He was SO excited to get these and looked over each and every one.  The kids did a great job personalizing them for him.  I was impressed that his teacher took the time.

Hopefully we have no more need for the IWK but I can’t say enough about the care he received.  The whole experience really could not have gone better, which makes me really thankful.