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Oliver Turns 7

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My dear crazy Oliver,

You turned seven this week!  You were so excited that you came home every day this week saying, “Only three days until I’m 7!” and “Only two days until I’m 7!”.

Last night while getting out of the bath, I was feeling nostalgic and said, “Oliver, just think:  Seven years ago you were just a tiny baby laying right here on my chest”.  You said, “Well let’s see” and jumped up to lean on my chest (you’re so long you ended up sitting on my shoulder).  That’s just the type of zany humor you have!

You are a good friend to your friends.  You are fast.  You are clever.  You are rambunctious and still lots of energy at times, energy that sometimes gets displaced.

Here are a few things about you as you turn seven:

  • Minecraft, minecraft, minecraft – You love playing minecraft, reading about minecraft, talking about minecraft.  Your creativity is really impressive but you also like following directions from books to building things.
  • This year you are curling.  You love it and are good at it (but I am slightly afraid the hockey monster is calling to you for next year).
  • You are so smart.  You excel at school and enjoy it.  Your reading is stellar, though you need to slow down and be neater with your writing.
  • Sometimes I think I have a teenager in the house.  You often argue because you think you know better and I have to remind you I have 30 years of experience on you!  You don’t like being wrong.
  • You love to read.  Anything and everything.
  • You are really musical.  We have started piano lessons and I can tell you’ll be a natural.  (It doesn’t hurt to have long fingers like your mommy!).
  • Star Wars is still near the top of your list.  We are planning a star wars reno of your bedroom, which you are keen to help with.

You get bigger and bigger, smarter and more mature… and I love watching every minute of it.  Even the tough ones (though, admittedly, I might not agree with that in the moment).

Here’s to year 8…



Here are some pics from your birthday day and the party….

On your actual birthday day, we had mac and cheese with hotdogs for supper (birthday boy’s choice) and cupcakes.  You were over the moon about your minecraft lego set.


Minecraft was the theme (your choice again).

The bigger boys spent quite a lot of time outside upon arrival (no snow means lots of running and soccer).  From the minute everyone arrived it was a high-energy, high-volume pile of fun!  We had seven of our best friends over.

Cake time!

This little pretty played with the smaller kids.  IMG_6734


Love the laughter in this pic…IMG_6775

I made creeper shirts for all the kids instead of treat bags.  This was us attempting to get a picture of everyone in their shirts.  This was the best of several…

… because it quickly turned into this.  IMG_6814After that madness, they all ran downstairs and quickly became quiet.  This explains it:  IMG_6817

You had such fun at your party!  And that makes me the happiest of all!


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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

One thought on “Oliver Turns 7

  1. Candice! I wish that I would have been a wee speck as good a mother that you are! There is nothing more that I can say. Your children and Brian are very blessed!!! I only wished that we lived only a few kilometres away. We will see you on Wednesday. Keep up with your blog! Memories are to be treasured. Phyllis

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