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Christmas 2015

Christmas was a few fabulous days filled with fun and food and kid-induced craziness!

We put up the tree a couple of weeks before Christmas.  Decorating with three kids definitely requires any particularity of ornament placement (or neatness for that matter) be thrown out the window.  But my favorite part of decorating is the kids and I remembering all of the homemade ornaments every year, so I wouldn’t have it any other way.


This year the tree came down on the 27th – a couple days earlier than I would have liked but an innocent game of hide and seek led to a leaning tree that had to come down.  IMG_6577

Nana and papa visited for a few days again this year, which is always a thrill for the kids (and for them, I hope).  Of course I enjoy having them because every Christmas memory I have includes them.  It wouldn’t feel the same without them.

Our Christmas eve tradition – new jammies all around!  This is not the best pic we got of them but it does a good job demonstrating the excitement level around here on Christmas eve.


IMG_6595We spread our reindeer dust, set out cookies and milk for santa, had a very serious conversation about how 6 am was plenty early for Christmas morning, and sent the kids to bed.  The grown ups stayed up and played cards, which was maybe my favorite adult-themed part of the holidays.

At 5:40 am, I woke to voices in the bathroom.  And… we were off.

Eleanor was super fun this year.  She still didn’t really “get” it – that’s for next year – but she is in the cutest stage right now so all of her chitter chatter leading up to Christmas was adorable.  And of course she feeds off the boys’ energy.


Holy santa!  IMG_6608

The theme of this Christmas was Star Wars … IMG_6609

… Minecraft/Star Wars … IMG_6617

… and a mix of Paw Patrol and “Elsa” (Frozen).  IMG_6623At our house, we check out the santa presents and open our stockings first.  Then we make breakfast and open the rest of the presents (which the kids are surprisingly patient about).  This year there was a speedy game of UNO while we waited for breakfast.  IMG_6629The jerseys were a big hit, Nanny and Grampy!  They were also a big hit the day after, the day after that, and every day since.  IMG_6632

IMG_6636A quieter moment after the frenzy.IMG_6641Another quieter moment.  IMG_6643Papa was on lego patrol.  Santa brought two of the new lego figures – Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.  They were tough to put together but Papa was on it and enjoyed the one-on-one time with Oliver.  IMG_6650


The trip was cut a little short because of a pending snowstorm, but, even with a few more days, it wouldn’t have been long enough.  Christmas and boxing day were both warm and mild so we had a couple of little walks.  We also went skating (or at least the kids did… helmets for next time!).  It was a really great visit!

Christmas seems to come for weeks, even months, and then, in a day or two, it is over and done and all the thought and effort and time put into it is … gone.  We’re enjoying the rest of the Christmas break with the kids – two snowstorms means lots of outdoor play, saw the star wars movie, playing with friends – but coming down off of the high of the holidays and finding some sort of normalcy is kind of a bummer.  I just wish the product of all that work would last a little longer.

To next year!


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Christmas Concerts 2015

Last week the boys had their Christmas concerts.

Emery’s Primary concert was first.  He told me beforehand that he was not nervous and he delivered… no jitters!  And he even wore his Christmas hat (for about a week in a row).  They had a poem, a french song with actions, and an english song.  IMG_6517

Oliver’s concert was the following night.  His concert was a mix of english and french as well and just as sweet.  IMG_6532


There is nothing like a choir of children to kick off the Christmas season!