Growing Out On A Limb

Emery is 5!


Dear Emery,

This post is all about you!  It’s all about you as you turn five.


You can certainly be rambunctious and silly, like any other 5 year old boy, but you are also quiet and pensive.  You ask a lot of questions and then I sit and watch as your wheels turn.  You often sit and play by yourself – puzzles, playing with cars or characters.  I think you need the downtime.

You do push your limits sometimes but, for the most part, you are carefree and happy to follow and do what you are asked.  You are a sensitive soul so when you are disciplined, you take it much harder than your brother does.

You are the perfect balance between your hard-headed brother and your busy two-year-old sister, which means you can roll equally well with star wars or paw patrol.

Here are some other things about you as you turn five:

  • You like superheroes – spiderman and batman especially.  You also like transformers (your birthday party theme), although tonight you told me minecraft and star wars are also high up on the list.
  • For your birthday supper, you want egg mcmuffins.  And bacon.
  • You are quiet about your school days but share information when asked.  More and more you are using the french words that you are using (and you are so proud when you do).
  • You love playing video games (“joining worlds”) with Oliver; in fact, you love it anytime Oliver involves you in his play.  You’re figuring out minecraft and terraria, though you also like to play jigsaw puzzle games.
  • Recently you figured out how to pump your legs when you swing, so you tell me often how much you like to swing now.
  • You are a beaver this year and doing all sorts of cool things like attending the remembrance day ceremony, going to the fire department, and visiting the veterinary clinic.  You are often shy at first but join in pretty quickly.  I think it will serve you well.  (Here you are at your initiation ceremony for beavers.  You had to memorize the motto, the promise, and the vow and recite them.  It was very intimidating for you but you were brave.  And I was so proud.)


  • You are learning to read and like pointing out words that you know as we are reading
  • You enjoy coloring, but would rather draw or do crafts
  • You like climbing – rocks, furniture, whatever

I love you and the big boy you are, my sweet Emery!

Love, Mommy


… Next up … a Transformers birthday party!




Author: furrychocolates

30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

2 thoughts on “Emery is 5!

  1. Candice, you are an inspiration to all mothers. I wish that all mothers had your qualities! Phyllis

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  2. Imagine! Emery is five!! Happy Bithday and we love you😚! Great post Candice!

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