Growing Out On A Limb

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Fall Day

It was a beautiful fall day to be outside and enjoy the sunshine.

The kids and I are solo this weekend and we went curling with Oliver, hit two parks, and spent some time with friends.  Days like this remind me of maternity leave and how we used to just wander around our new neighborhood, checking out parks and meeting new friends.

Eleanor is little miss independent on the playground (but always nearby… I don’t have to worry about her bolting like I did with Oliver).

IMG_20151017_150543 She loves the slide.  She slid down, yelled, “again!”, and ran the circuit again.  IMG_20151017_150735 Emery has recently been saying that he wishes we had swings in our yard and today I found out why:  he has figured out how to pump his legs and work the swings all by himself.  (He also jumps off while going pretty fast and gives me a mini heart attack but … well, that’s boys for you).  IMG_20151017_150757 Oliver has been working on the monkey bars at school and went the whole length of them today.  It hurts his hands but he tells me that if he licks them and rubs them on his pants they feel better :).  IMG_20151017_150813 IMG_20151017_150820 This is my beauty.  IMG_20151017_151106It is definitely harder without daddy around but part of me loves the extra time with them.  And I think this is my favorite time of year – I love the crispness and cool air in the morning and the warmth of the sun in the afternoon.  Tomorrow will be another beautiful day and we plan to enjoy it.


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These pictures have been kicking around on my phone for a while, just some random shots from the last few weeks.

Every year our subdivision has a family fun day with bouncy castles and a bbq and all sorts of other fun things for the kids.  The kids and I all went and it was a hot, sunny, beautiful afternoon.IMG_20150919_124038 IMG_20150919_132203 IMG_20150919_132713 Emery is a beaver now.  This was the night that they picked up litter around the school grounds.  They’ve also shot off turkey bottle rockets and gone hiking in the dark.  Emery’s best buddy Luke is in the group and he knows a few of the other boys too.  I think it’s going to be a really good fit for him.  IMG_20150923_183804 Oliver is trying curling this year.  A couple of weeks ago we went to an “open curl” so he could try it out.  He really enjoyed it and I think he did really well.  Tomorrow is our first official practice!  IMG_20151003_105829 IMG_20151003_112415 And this pic is … just because 🙂IMG_20151011_110826