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First Day of School 2015!

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This is a big one – Yesterday was the first day of primary for Emery and the first day of grade one for Oliver!

Oliver was good to go.  He knew what it was all about!  Many of his best buddies are in his class again this year, which was exciting to him.

Emery surprised me.  He can be shy and quiet so I thought he would be nervous about his first day but once he knew that a couple of his preschool buddies were in his class and that Oliver was going to sit with him on the bus, he felt really good about school.  And he jumped right on the bus without even looking back.


We found his seat and a few of his buddies and he did not have a hard time letting me go at all.  At the end of the day he told me his favorite part was “all of it”.  IMG_20150908_082639Oliver was not quite as thrilled about the classroom picture.  Is he embarrassed of me already??  IMG_20150908_083429At this point, the goofy back-to-school pictures are as obligatory as the back-to-school photos.  IMG_6456 IMG_6457I’m so proud of Emery for being brave and diving into his first day like a champ.  And I’m super proud of Oliver for being a good big brother by sitting with Emery on the bus, playing with him on the playground, and at their after-school program.  They’re both champs to me!


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One thought on “First Day of School 2015!

  1. Such great boys….happy school days!!!

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