Growing Out On A Limb

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Camping in Five Island, NS

We have been itching to get camping all summer and we finally got our chance on labor day.  We met wendy and family at Five Island, NS, which is on the NS side of the bay of fundy.  It’s a really beautiful spot!

Our campground was not fancy (and neither was the area), but it had a beautiful view of the five islands.  Wendy and some of the others we camped with were able to dig lots and lots of fresh calms when the tide went out.  They lost a boot or two to the red mud and even had a mud fight one afternoon.


This was our first camping trip with all three kids.  The kids did fantastic when it came to sleeping in the tent – the boys even fell asleep on the same air mattress a couple of nights.  Only one night was very cold but we minded that more than they did.  We had lots of meals on the picnic table and coleman stove and a campfire every night (which I think is the kids’ favorite).

One of my favorite moments was when I checked on the boys after they had been tucked in the first night.  The sky was so clear and so dark that the sky was littered with stars and you could see the milky way.  My boys had never really seen that … for the most part, they’re in bed before it’s dark!  So I hauled them out of bed and made them look up at the sky and their reaction was, “wooooah!”.  For a kid who went outside with star maps and a flashlight, that was a priceless moment.  In fact, I see winter evenings snuggled up on the deck with a sleeping bag and hot chocolate in our future.  IMG_20150905_081919

This isn’t the cutest picture of eleanor but she’s just woken up, in her rubbers, and looking cute anyway in her camp chair.  I see a little bit of me in this picture.   IMG_6373

On Saturday morning, we drove to Cape Chignecto provincial park.  It was a long drive on a windy and hilly road but the scenery was fantastic.  There isn’t much at that park for day use, but they have several trails and outback camping sites if you want to really hike.

IMG_6316 This day we settled for wandering on the rocky beach but I told the boys we would come back here someday when they are older and we will do an overnight hike.

IMG_6321IMG_6323 IMG_6325 It was such a pretty day.  And of course if there are rocks to be climbed, the boys will be on them.  IMG_6339 Eleanor stopped and posed for this one.  IMG_6345We had all of our food with us so we picnic’ed here and then headed back to the tent site.
IMG_6355 Another shot from the campground.  IMG_6358 And a “cheeeeese” full of corny teeth.  IMG_6369IMG_6375

On Sunday morning we all hiked to economy falls.  It was a quick (but steep) hike that ended up in this beautiful spot.  IMG_6387There were little pools at the bottom of the falls, deep enough that many of us were able to get in (but my, was it cold).  Every one of us got in to some degree.  DSC_0162 DSC_0169Nelly came along with us too and she was so easy to have along.  She was pretty exhausted after that hike to the waterfall though and didn’t even eat supper when we came home sunday night.  DSC_0196On Sunday afternoon we went to five islands provincial park – beautiful cliffs, lots of people clamming, some tent sites.

The tide was waaay out so we kicked off our shoes and walked in the mud a little bit.  The kids laughed when they realized the clams were squirting juice on them when they got stepped on.  IMG_6390Eleanor really didn’t mind it.  At first I groaned about it but … what the heck.  It’s only mud.
IMG_6411 At the end of the beach was this gorgeous view… IMG_6417IMG_6419 I turned around for a minute and emery had climbed.  He was pretty proud of himself!  IMG_6427The kids were wrangy after this hike so we topped it off with ice cream and a swim in the campground pool.  The pool was cold but we all needed it at that point.
IMG_6434  And to top it off… another pic of eleanor in her jammies and flip flops.  IMG_6438

Other than outdoorsy things, there’s not a lot for the kids to do in this area so I’m not sure I would return there until the kids can handle a longer hike.  Overall though, our first camping trip of five went really well.

We had our moments and had lots of help from the cousins to keep the kids entertained, but everyone was fed and slept and was happy (most of the time).  And… we made lots of memories!


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First Day of School 2015!

This is a big one – Yesterday was the first day of primary for Emery and the first day of grade one for Oliver!

Oliver was good to go.  He knew what it was all about!  Many of his best buddies are in his class again this year, which was exciting to him.

Emery surprised me.  He can be shy and quiet so I thought he would be nervous about his first day but once he knew that a couple of his preschool buddies were in his class and that Oliver was going to sit with him on the bus, he felt really good about school.  And he jumped right on the bus without even looking back.


We found his seat and a few of his buddies and he did not have a hard time letting me go at all.  At the end of the day he told me his favorite part was “all of it”.  IMG_20150908_082639Oliver was not quite as thrilled about the classroom picture.  Is he embarrassed of me already??  IMG_20150908_083429At this point, the goofy back-to-school pictures are as obligatory as the back-to-school photos.  IMG_6456 IMG_6457I’m so proud of Emery for being brave and diving into his first day like a champ.  And I’m super proud of Oliver for being a good big brother by sitting with Emery on the bus, playing with him on the playground, and at their after-school program.  They’re both champs to me!

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Hubbards Beach

Another beautiful sunny weekend, another beach!

Last weekend we spent the afternoon at Hubbards beach with many fun friends.  The beach is a bit smaller but, since the day started out cloudy, it meant the beach was not at all crowded.  The only downside is that it is owned by a campground and they charge you to park.  It’s still a nice place to swim and a nice place in general to hang out.

The kids were in and out of the water, played with crabs that were found by some bigger kids, and even swam over with me to the platform and braved the jump!  It was a really fun afternoon…
IMG_20150830_143729 IMG_20150830_162604 IMG_20150830_165645IMG_20150830_143602 IMG_20150830_171342