Growing Out On A Limb

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Green Bay Beach

On Sunday we went in search of a new beach.  We planned on checking out rissers beach, but uncle david suggested one just a few minutes further down the coast … Green Bay beach.

Green Bay beach is actually a string of little beaches dotted with cottages.  The main one has a canteen just off the beach, but if you keep driving the dirt road, there are several more to choose from.

We picked this one and it was good … there weren’t more than ten people on it at one given time.  It was the perfect place to be in the middle of a heat wave.


We got there at lunch time so first thing on the agenda was bbq.  Sausages.

IMG_6264 IMG_6270 Pretty girl in the beach dress her daddy bought for her.  IMG_6276 The boys love playing in the surf.  The waves weren’t real big here, but the boys still love splashing in them.  They spend hours running in and out of the surf.  IMG_6284 IMG_6287 IMG_6290 IMG_6293Even I got in for a swim and it was so nice.  The boys and I also went beach combing and checked out the tidal pools.  We found a few crabs, some beach glass, and a piece of coral.  Emery likes the feel of the seaweed.  “I like rubber and this feels like rubber”, as he would say.

Oliver took the camera for a few shots.  IMG_6309 IMG_6314

You know those times when you head out for an adventure and you stumble upon the perfect place and everyone is having fun and everything seems just right?  That was this day.  It was a good one.



Eleanor is 2!

My little lovely… IMG_20150815_104450     … today you turned 2 years old!  You had no clue what all the fuss was about, but we all wanted to make you feel so special on your birthday.

Here are some things about you as you turn two:

  • You are not scared to try anything (including jumping into the pool on your own).  We need eagle eyes.  I think it’s because you try to be like your brothers.
  • You are a chatterbox.  You know lots of words and are not at all shy about pronouncing new words.  Sometimes you rattle off a whole sentence and I’m left wide-eyed, wondering what you are trying to say.  The boys love it and cheer you on when you say a word for the first time.
  • You love clothes and hats and shoes.  If something catches your eye, you are pulling it on, regardless of whether it’s your brother’s, mine, over top of your clothes, or a knit hat in the middle of summer.  I think it will be interesting when you are dressing yourself!
  • The boys know when they have crossed you because you can let out a squeal that the neighbors would hear.  But wow, do they love you.  They can be hard on each other sometimes but are so soft with you, it makes my heart warm.
  • Tonight, when I tucked you in bed, you repeated, “I yuv yoo”.
  • At your daycare, you go and get every kid’s bag when their parent arrives to pick them up.  Little miss organized.
  • You love to be outdoors, whether it is running around the yard or swimming in the pool.
  • You love making your brothers laugh.

The birthday fun started yesterday with a special party with all of your friends at your home daycare.  They all love you there, especially lisa, who is so loving and went out of her way to make you feel special… a cake to share with your friends, big balloons, and an all-around fun day.

Today we spent the morning with the boys at a park in bedford.  It was a warm, sunny morning and there was no better place to be.  There is a small rocky shore and a great playground, so we easily spent a couple of hours there.
IMG_20150815_104249  Everyone hiked up their shorts and waded in the water a bit.  IMG_20150815_104654You may have got a little wet.  You were having fun throwing rocks in the water and then would wade in after them.  IMG_20150815_105207 There is such a pretty view of the basin from here.  IMG_20150815_110114Your brothers were super attentive to you all day.  They were very concerned all day that you got to participate in everything fun because it was your birthday!
IMG_20150815_110236 You are really brave on the playground and like to try everything.  You also like the swings and the slides.  IMG_20150815_110625 We spent the afternoon playing at home and in the pool.  While you were napping, the boys helped me setup your new play kitchen.  They were supposed to setup the play food for you but it was scattered everywhere when you woke up.  You didn’t mind though!  IMG_20150815_152238You got a ton of nice gifts from people that love you, but you were only minimally interested in actually opening them.  Thankfully you have a couple of brothers who were very into it!  IMG_6237IMG_6242IMG_6249Party!  IMG_6254The boys took great pleasure in decorating your cupcakes just the way they thought you would like them (and even more pleasure in licking the spoon!).  Emery made sure that you got one of the beaters to lick since it was your birthday, which I thought was so sweet.

You did try to blow out your candle.  The boys didn’t mind helping with that either.  IMG_6263

You are a dream, a light in our family, and I can’t wait to watch you find your way as a two-year-old.  You are my lovely!



NB in the Summer

A couple of weeks ago we visited NB.  It’s always nice to go home but Ali and Aaliyah were visiting at the same time, so it was a full house (blue and otherwise) of kids and fun and food and … summer!

IMG_6017 I think papa’s in heaven – all five grandkids in the  same place and kicking balls in the back yard.  IMG_6018 IMG_6020 I love this shot because Eleanor is having fun, because of the view in the background (the view I always had as a kid), and because grammie and grampie’s old homestead is in the background.  IMG_6025 On Saturday, we spent a beautiful day at the blue house.  There were lots of wheeler rides, hot dogs and s’mores over an open fire, and (my favorite) we even fit in a little fishing time (which may or may not have resulted in some fish!).  IMG_6039It was a hot afternoon so we even took a dip in the ‘hawk, which was nowhere near as warm as it looked!   IMG_6042 Everyone got in though, even if it was just for a quick dip!  IMG_6046 IMG_6047 The boys especially thought it was neat!  IMG_6056 IMG_6060 On Sunday morning, we went to the park and splash pad, partly because everyone else was busy at church and partly because I thought it would be fun to take the kids back to a park they would remember.  IMG_6064 Happiness is … the swings!  IMG_6072This might be my favorite park in the world…


IMG_6093 IMG_6111 Eleanor didn’t care much for the sprinklers, but she did have fun on the playground!IMG_6115 (Oh… that face!)IMG_6124 IMG_6128 IMG_6138 IMG_6144On Sunday afternoon, we had family over for a potluck and spent the afternoon in the backyard.  It was mostly just a get together to see family, but we took the chance to celebrate papa’s 60th birthday, which was a few weeks ago.

The kids had an awesome time in/on this big blow-up ball (which I think papa had a harder time getting out of than getting in).

IMG_6149 IMG_6151 Campfire?  Always.  IMG_6153 Awww.  Eleanor certainly loves her papa (although I’m 100% certain that the feeling is mutual).  IMG_6156And then… there was the slip and slide.  I think this turned out better than nana had even hoped.  Aaliyah, the boys, and all the cousins had a ball on this thing.  It was the perfect day for it.
IMG_6174 This one makes me laugh every time I look at it!  IMG_6176 IMG_6180Eleanor, for the most part, stayed out of the way and sneaked drinks.  
IMG_6215 IMG_6234It was a really great time – great weather and great fun for the kids – it was the perfect weekend, but I wish I had more pictures of the cousins together and I wish I had a picture or two of Ali and I together.  Everyone spent the following weekend with us, which was another good time in spite of the rain, and now everyone is in their own corners of the world and the house seems kind of quiet.  We are already looking forward to the next visit!