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Vacation in Newfoundland, Part II

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So many pictures!

Our campground was across the highway from Deer Lake (the lake), which is huge.  On this day, we visited the lake beach in the morning (in Pasadena) and then again on the other end of the lake in the town of Deer Lake.

These are all pics from the Pasadena beach.  It was a really calm, hazy morning.  I love the way these pictures turned out.

IMG_5786Sophie hung out with us for part of the day, which was fun.  She is super attentive to Eleanor and good with the kids in general so it was nice to hang with her.  IMG_5795The water was so cold.  A lady we chatted with said that the lake was still frozen solid enough to walk across in mid-May.  Something tells me that had something to do with it!

But kids are kids and they still had a great time splashing around.
IMG_5790IMG_5775 IMG_5772One of my favorite days of the trip was when hubby took off to golf with the groomsmen and amanda’s family and I got to hang with the kids most of the day.

We did a little hike right in Cornerbrook that took us to a nice view of the city.  Oliver manned the camera during that little hike.

IMG_5810We spent much of the rest of the day in the Margaret Bowater park.  It has a pond with swans, hiking trails, a huge playground that the kids loved.  Then we went to a section of the park that I knew had a canteen for lunch and a swimming area.
IMG_5921 IMG_5922It turns out the natural swimming area was a section of the Humber River that they dam up every day and supervise.  There is a deep end, a shallower end, and the kiddie area.  So cool!  The water was almost as cold as Deer Lake, but the kids splashed around for quite a while.  IMG_5935 I thought the river swim seemed so “Newfoundland” for some reason.  IMG_5946I got no pictures at all of our last day in town because it was wedding day and I was wrangling three kids for most of the day while Brian did groomsmen stuff… putting up tents, pictures, etc, etc.  It was a lovely wedding (even in spite of the rain and the 12 degree weather!) and a nice reception and we did get this one picture of us all dressed up for the occasion (though eleanor does not look too happy to be there!).
DSC_0519It was another long day traveling back home but we managed.  It was so nice to spend time with family and to do it in such a beautiful place.  The Martells are not done with Newfoundland yet!


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