Growing Out On A Limb


Emery’s Preschool Graduation

This little guy graduated preschool this past week.  IMG_5581That picture makes me smile every time I look at it.  Lucky for me, it came as a magnet for my fridge.

Emery started out preschool very shy and very quiet.  He opened up once he knew some of the kids in his class and got used to the routine, but he was still quiet with his teachers and would clam up if he was in a situation that made him the least bit uncomfortable.  We talked a lot about it and talked every day about the uncomfortable moments and his teachers said it was like a light bulb went off, that he came out of his shell.  He participated more and talked to them more and was just more comfortable in general.  I called him brave and he felt so proud of himself.

So when it came to the ceremony, I had no idea if he would get on the stage, if he would stand there and cry, or if he would take it all in stride.

He took it all in stride.


They sang a few songs that they had been practicing all week, including one called ‘I’m leaving on a school bus’ (to the tune of ‘Leaving on a jet plane’) that left no dry eyes in the room.  IMG_5544 He was so proud to run up on stage and get his diploma.  IMG_5552 IMG_5555 IMG_5555-001 Man, I love this kid.  He will only be four when he starts school but there is no doubt in my mind that he is ready.  He can’t wait!  IMG_5567