Growing Out On A Limb

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Birthday at Jerry Lawrence Park

On Sunday we had our 2nd annual picnic/fishing/daddy’s birthday-palooza at Jerry Lawrence Park.  It was a beautiful sunny and warm day.

We are pretty much in “trail her” mode with Eleanor.  She’s curious, she’s into everything, she’s wandering everywhere.  IMG_5505The boys all tried their hand at fishing but no one was getting any bites.  We forgot about Emery’s new spiderman fishing rod but … next time!  IMG_5536 Oliver has just learned to cast pretty well so that’s pretty much all he wants to do.  He casts it out, then vigorously reels it in so fast I don’t think any fish could catch it, then casts it out again.  As long as he is enjoying himself!  IMG_5530 My lovely.  IMG_5527 The trails here are pretty nice but we haven’t explored many of them yet.  IMG_5521 The birthday boy himself.  Poor thing, even did the bbq’ing at his own birthday party.  IMG_5517 A couple more of Eleanor.  I guess the good part of chasing her around is, if you have your camera ready, there are lots of good opportunities for photos!IMG_5516

IMG_5507 Love them, love hubby, and glad he had a nice birthday with our little family!


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Around home

Everyday shots around the house…

IMG_5485 Emery asked me to take his picture just so he could see what it looks like.  Goofy guy.  IMG_5490 Eleanor scored some juice leftover from breakfast.  She doesn’t normally get juice yet but she looked so grown up while sipping on this cup.  IMG_5493 <slurp>IMG_5494 I scored big at value village on Saturday morning when I found this scrabble junior game (all pieces accounted for!).  I love scrabble and how can practice with letters and words be bad for these two guys?  Emery is just learning to sound out words so this is perfect for him.  (Don’t worry, Emery… daddy gets that look on his face when he plays scrabble with me too!)IMG_5498 Oliver likes making words on the blank side of the board.  Then they both got silly and started spelling out words about “poop”.  IMG_5504

Boys will be boys!

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Victoria Day Weekend

On Victoria Day weekend, hubby moved out for a weekend-long canoe trip while nana, papa, and nan moved in for a weekend-long visit.

It was the perfect mix of on-the-go and hanging around home.  On Saturday, papa came to Tae Kwon Do with Oliver and I and we had a picnic lunch at the playground at the bedford basin.  It was sunny but cool and windy, which turned out to be perfect for flying a kite (then getting it stuck in a tree, cutting the string so it became unstuck from the tree only to get stuck in another tree where, the string dangled enough for papa to grab it and pull it out of the tree).  That’s our papa – the kite whisperer.

Sunday was a damp and cold day so we spent the afternoon bowling and then had a nice restaurant dinner for nan’s birthday.

I only wish I had taken more pictures.  Nana and papa are good at playing with the kids – puzzles, games, soccer in the yard, all of that and the kids love it.  It so often seems like normal day-to-day stuff as it’s happening but, when they leave, I realize I haven’t grabbed my camera all weekend and missed those special moments.

IMG_5481 IMG_5484After our visitors left, Oliver went to a friend’s house for a play date.  I felt like getting out of the house so we took a sunny-day drive to Chester.  We found a fun playground that kept the kids occupied for a while.

IMG_20150518_145044 IMG_20150518_145055 IMG_20150518_145059We planned on finding a beach to snack at but a sign for graves island provincial park pulled us off the main road.  It’s a campsite but also has a day-use area with picnic tables.  It was pretty perfect for our grapes and fish crackers.

IMG_20150518_151512 IMG_20150518_151918 They do have a rocky beach, which the kids loved.  IMG_20150518_152027 Eleanor liked throwing rocks in the water, even big ones.  IMG_20150518_152546 IMG_20150518_152548That quiet afternoon was the perfect cap to a really great weekend.  Everyone returned home safely, as did our routine on Tuesday morning.  As mundane as it seems sometimes, I do love to see it come back.

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Mother’s Day 2015

This mama feels super special after a really lovely Mother’s day spent with my little family.  My boys are pretty good about showing me appreciation – usually it’s a hug out of nowhere, thanking me for making chicken nuggets for supper – but it is really nice to have a single day that thanks mom but, more importantly, it makes them think about what mommy means to them and reminds them to be appreciative.


We started the day just hanging at home.  Eleanor put on her special dress that nanny and grampy bought her for Easter.  She seems to really like girly things.  She is gorgeous.


I love the softness of this picture.  This is a great “what being a mom is all about” picture.  IMG_5418What was supposed to be an overcast/showery (but warm) day ended up being mostly sunny and gorgeous.  We decided to pack a picnic lunch and went to Sir Sandford Fleming park.  We spent hours there, blowing bubbles and hanging out at the little beach.
IMG_5422 How is it possible Oliver is this big?!  I am so proud of him… he kills it in French (the other kids come to him for questions), is good with his friends, and is improving at home with his brother.  He can be hard but he shows me a lot of affection, sometimes when I least expect it.  IMG_5424 Emery has always been very affectionate with me.  He is definitely a lover and dreamer.  He was having some issues with shyness and not participating at school sometimes, but his teachers tell me he is opening up much more lately and doing very well.  IMG_5429 IMG_5436 Eleanor liked getting her toes in but she did complain about the cold water.  IMG_5437 What special day (or any weekend, for that matter) is complete without ice cream?  We went to the waterfront and had ice cream at Sugah again today… the perfect spot and a perfectly warm day for it too.  IMG_5443 IMG_5445 IMG_5447 IMG_5450Do I ever love these kids.  It is the highest of privileges to be a mom … to be the person that steers them, that teaches them, to be someone they look up to their whole lives, that they will use as a role model for their female relationships.  It’s a lot.  Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes hard, sometimes it feels natural, and sometimes it’s a heavy weight.  But it is definitely a privilege and reminding myself of that makes the fun moments more fun and, somehow, the hard moments easier.

IMG_5478The boys both came home with some fantastic mother’s day artwork that they made at school.  Emery made me this really lovely ‘I love you because…’ vase and every flower had a reason that he loves me.

IMG_20150509_195855 The hands say things like, “I like her hugs” and “she lets me pick the books we read”.  But this one really made me laugh.


For the record, I don’t sneak (or steal) cookies at the superstore; he’s talking about the box of sample cookies that are sitting out at the bakery.  It never occurred to me that he would look at it that way (but it certainly made me laugh!).

Emery also made this really nice picture of him and I.  It’s hard to see the shape but he says the spots on our bellies are our “happy hearts”.
IMG_20150509_200048 Oliver made me this really sweet flower card in his primary class.  IMG_20150509_200104 IMG_20150509_200123

And he made this really nice pastel artwork in his art class last week.


It was nice for brian to have his mom here and for me to have one of the maternal figures in my life here, but I was missing my own mom today.  I’m so thankful for all of the fine ladies in my life but am especially thankful for my mom… today I told her that I am the mom I am because she is the mom that she is.  I couldn’t be more grateful for her strong presence in my life.


Waterfront & Ice Cream

On the weekend we had grand plans to go to the train station for a free day of train rides, lego displays, etc, etc.  But when we got there there was no space left and the lines were so long that we changed our plans and took a walk along the waterfront instead.

(Could she get any prettier?)


It was a chilly day but not too chilly for – papa, are you paying attention? – ice cream!  We got it at Sugah and will return there this summer… good price and they mix in an add-in on a frozen slab while you wait.  Yumm!  IMG_20150502_154003

Eleanor even went solo on her first cone!  IMG_20150502_153248

I like strolling along afternoons like that.  We were all tired by the time we got back to the car.

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The Best Shopping Buddy

A couple of weeks ago, mommy just needed to get out of the house for a few hours.  I was looking for nothing, had nothing to buy, but Eleanor and I went to a few of our favorite stores anyway.  Just browsing around.

Eleanor loves getting dressed (or at least trying to at this point) and trying on everyone’s shoes.  So when we shop, she likes checking over the things I put in the cart to try on.


Mommy and Eleanor dates are fun… it won’t be the last!

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Point Pleasant Park in April

A few weeks ago we had a beautiful sunny day – it was one of the first after a long winter.  We spent the afternoon at Point Pleasant Park and took a few pics along the way.

IMG_5393 IMG_5398 Emery wasn’t in the mood for pictures.  I like the industrial feel to this picture.  We stopped and watched them loading containers onto a ship and, of course, the boys thought the crane looked like ‘cranky’.  IMG_5400 IMG_5401 Eleanor has become so independent.  She wants to walk everywhere on her own and follow her own path.  I like watching her gain that independence but it means we have to keep a very watchful eye on her… always!  IMG_5402 IMG_20150419_152149IMG_20150419_150748 We came home and … what else … had a campfire supper.  The kids played around in their cars while they were waiting.

I think this will be a good one to print out and give to Eleanor when she gets her driver’s license.IMG_20150419_175304