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An afternoon at the Oval and the Museum

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A couple of weeks ago we took the kids downtown to the Oval and the Natural History Museum.  It was such a fun “city” afternoon!

The oval is an outdoor rink located downtown.  The kids are just learning and didn’t last long on the ice but I know hubby loves teaching them and watching them learn.  And that place was packed!  The nice weather brought lots of people out but it was setup so well that the scads of people didn’t seem to be bothering anyone.  We were all just enjoying the nice afternoon.

We will definitely go back.  IMG_5325IMG_5328 IMG_5330The Museum of Natural History was just a walk from the car and has a dinosaur display right now so we went there from the Oval.  We spent hours there because the kids were loving running from exhibit to exhibit.

They had a few live animals, including the kids’ favorite – snakes!

IMG_5333 They have a marine section that I think is always there – whale skeletons, aquatic animal displays, and this cool sand table.  As the sand shifts, the mountains and valleys change colors and the contour lines change.  I thought it was really cool and so did the kids.   IMG_5337 And the dinosaurs were cool, of course.  I didn’t get good pics of them because their displays were dark but the dinosaurs moved and roared and were quite realistic looking!  IMG_5340 Then we decided on an impromptu trip to montana’s for supper.  Why not.  IMG_20150308_170409 IMG_20150308_170444A fun family day!


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