Growing Out On A Limb

Eleanor at 16 months

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I’ve been trying to pick up the camera a bit more lately.  I was always good at grabbing it during little moments… moments that weren’t big outings or events but just everyday moments around home… but I lost that at some point.  I guess it’s just a product of being busy but I’ve been missing those silly shots (and I have always said that I would have just as many pictures of #3 as I did for #1).

And sometimes Eleanor is just so darned pretty.  I look at her several times a week and hope that I always remember her just as she is at that moment.  IMG_4960 She babbles.  A lot.  She definitely knows what she’s saying and sometimes the babbling has intonation that sounds like words but so far … nothing definitive.

She’s a climber.  She gets up on everything but, in particular, we have had to start putting the kitchen chairs on their sides so she can’t climb up to the table.

She is super affectionate and the socialite of her home daycare – she goes up to every mom and dad at pickup time and gets hugs from them.  She’s the only girl there so I’m sure the dab of pink among all the boys helps.  I always get hugs when she comes home at the end of the day.  And she gets a super excited look on her face when I walk in the door – she is so glad to see me, even if I’ve only been gone fifteen minutes.  IMG_4961 She is a pretty good eater.  She’ll try pretty much anything but we never have to guess whether she likes something or not – she is good at letting us know!  I’m also pretty sure she has a ‘slip-you-my-leftovers’ deal with nelly.  Very sneaky.IMG_4976 Finger up the nose… must be her brothers’ influence sneaking in there.  IMG_4980 She is busy, busy, busy.  She’s always on the move and always into everything and always curious about what her brothers are up to.  Pretty typical stuff for a 16 month old. IMG_4993Overall, Eleanor is a dream baby.  She goes to sleep well, stays asleep well, and is rarely upset about anything.  She makes us all laugh and smile a lot.  I think the boys would agree that she is the perfect little sister.


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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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