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Emery is FOUR!

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Emery, you are four!


You have been talking about this day for many weeks because you are so excited to turn four!  You told me a few weeks ago that you figured it was close enough to your birthday, we should just call you four.  But, on the flip side, you can be a stickler for details at times and reminded everyone at your birthday party yesterday that you wouldn’t actually be four until today.

After preschool today I reminded you that this was the day, that you were finally and actually four.  Your eyebrows raised, your face lit up, and you said, “Really?  I’m four NOW?!”.

Sometimes I forget that you are younger than Oliver because you are almost as big as him, you do so many of the same things as him, and you follow his lead when it comes to your interests (you mostly skipped the Thomas phase and went straight to the superhero phase).  Sometimes I have to remind myself that you are just a little guy… still my sweet little four-year-old guy.

Here are some things about you as you turn four…

  • You are a big-hearted little boy and have always been affectionate.  Yet, oddly, you refuse good night kisses most nights.
  • You are not picky about food – you have a healthy appetite and will try almost everything.
  • You like being independent and can get upset when your big brother hones in or tells you what to do.
  • Your imagination amazes me.  Sometimes you carry around the same little toys in the palm of your hand for hours and hours, and act out little scenes with them.
  • You have patience (a lot of the time).
  • You are rugged.  If I have a football player, it will be you.  You are already wearing some things in a size 5.
  • You can count past twenty but still get mixed up in the teens sometimes.  You have been writing your name for quite a while now and can write all of your letters (with occasional help).
  • You like play doh and painting and legos.
  • For your birthday supper, you asked for corn chowder and cheesy bread.
  • The last couple of times you went swimming, you could swim a little all by yourself!
  • You are a pretty social little guy but you were really shy when starting preschool and it took you several weeks to warm up to the people there.  It must have been hard being by yourself all day long for the first time.  But today, on your birthday, you spoke a lot at your ‘show and share’ and you were so proud of yourself.  And I couldn’t possibly be prouder.
  • You don’t kiss her as much as you used to (mostly because she doesn’t slow down often enough), but you still have a big ole soft spot in your heart for Eleanor.
  • You love making people laugh and are funny.  You like the way funny words and sounds roll off your tongue.
  • Your little-boy lisp is disappearing (you found your Rs months ago and speak more and more clearly all the time).  It’s just another sign that you are growing up and it makes me just the tiniest bit sad.

I love your heart and your sweet tendencies.  I love how you want to be helpful.  I love watching you playing with your friends and siblings and hearing you tell stories from school.  I love how you speak up and answer the cashier who asks you if the balloons are for your birthday.  I love the proud look you get on your face when you say something funny.

So … now you’re four.  Let’s not rush it to five, okay?

I love you,


For your birthday weekend, we had visits from nana and papa, nanny and grampy, uncle jason… how great is that!  You invited five of your school friends to your birthday party … Luke, Jake, Nate, Isaac, and Aiden.  This was the first time that you had school friends of your own to invite and you were super excited to hand out the invitations and see them show up at the door.  I love that about you.

This is what six four-year-olds look like at a Monster-themed birthday party.


IMG_4894This picture makes me really want to know what the conversation was about.  
Once the boys all slowed down, we had a pizza lunch with fruit skewers and cheesies.  Mmm.  IMG_4839-001

What a fun group of boys!  IMG_4898 Everyone was anxious for cake and ice cream!  IMG_4900 The monster eye balls (pure fondant) disappeared pretty quickly once the candles were all blown out.  IMG_4904I lost control of the gift-opening really quickly, I admit.  That’s ok … Emery is so easy going, he didn’t mind that his friends were helping him out.
IMG_4908I loved meeting more of his little friends (and, as a bonus, their moms too) and seeing Emery so excited on his special day.  Planning parties is fun (but let’s not rush to the next one… okay, Emery?).


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  1. What a great little man that Emery!!! Love the cake!!

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