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Family Fun Day

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Last Saturday our new-to-us subdivision had their annual ‘Family Fun Day’ … a free BBQ, fun games for the kids, pony rides, etc.  We were excited to attend because a) it was free and b) it was a good way to mingle and hopefully meet some of our new neighbors.

And we were not disappointed!  The kids had a great time and we did get to meet a few people.

Oliver surprised me by being up for everything (this time last year he would have been too shy).  Emery surprised me by being too shy to really participate in anything but lately I notice he gets a little overwhelmed by crowds of people… a phase, I suspect.  He still had fun on the playground and eating hotdogs.

Oliver with the goat we named ‘Grassy’.  Because he was eating grass, of course.  IMG_20140906_114433 I was extra surprised when Oliver wanted to get into this big roll-y ball.  He had no hesitation and even went in it again with a friend from his class that we met later on.  IMG_20140906_115352 There were hotdogs and juice boxes and snow cones.  And at 2 pm, when it all wrapped up, they threw tons of candy up in the air and watched the kids scramble after it.  What could impress a five-year-old more?  IMG_20140906_120946

The star of the show (mine anyway) was little miss Eleanor in her sweet little old-fashioned dress.  My goodness, I want to squeeze her every time I look at it.  IMG_20140906_123144

To nana and papa’s excitement, Oliver tried out the pony rides.  “Another cowboy in the family!”, they said.  Yee haw!  IMG_20140906_125015 Fire trucks never get tired.  Oliver’s classmate Harry is in the background.  He sits beside Harry at school and plays with him a lot.  Nearly every day his first question coming off the bus is, “Can we have Harry over for a play date?”.  IMG_20140906_131548It was a fun day with our new neighbors!


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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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