Growing Out On A Limb

Summer pics … found!

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This is so not like me.  I’m not sure how it happened.  But I was looking through my phone last night and there they were… pictures I hadn’t posted.  Some of them from the end of July!  I’m either losing my touch or have three little critters that demand my attention and make me forget things like this.  Or a bit of both.

The first week of August, I had the boys both enrolled in summer camps offered by the city’s rec department.  They were cheap, only a week long, and, best of all, I managed to find two that were the same week and overlapping times.  Emery, Eleanor, and I still had to find something to kill an hour or so before Emery’s started.  Insert the playground below, located in Bedford.  IMG_20140730_095319

I know you can’t see the playground structure but it’s a decent one.  And with views like this, I liked hanging out there too!  IMG_20140730_095335For part of the week, we had cousin Megan and her friend Kerrington visiting, as well as Ali and Aaliyah.  So we went back to this park for a second day.

IMG_20140801_101953 Ducks like snacks too!  IMG_20140801_102235 While Emery was in his 45-minute long summer camp, the rest of us found things to do with Eleanor and Aaliyah.  They’re easy to please.  It was around this time that Eleanor decided she liked climbing up on the slides and “sliding” down the last couple of inches.  IMG_20140801_112722 She was pretty proud of herself. IMG_20140801_112810Then there was New Brunswick day… err, Natal day!  We drove downtown for the longest parade I think I’ve ever seen.  It was a good one.

IMG_20140804_095814We went to the waterfront for a picnic lunch.  It was one of the last days of the busker festival so we watched a busker doing neat tricks on stilts.  The boys played on the little playground down there for a while.

IMG_20140804_113736Then we got on the ferry.  Service was free that day so why not?  The original plan was to take the ferry to Dartmouth and do the bridge walk that was planned for the holiday.  They close the bridge down altogether so I thought it would be incredibly cool to walk across it, not to mention there would be great views of the city.  But by the time we got to Dartmouth we decided the boys were tired and had had enough.  I guess we’ll plan better for that event next year.


And a couple of pool shots… IMG_20140807_141217At the end of the summer, the boys are both doing full running “cannonballs” into the pool.  Oliver swims quite well without his life jacket, though Emery is still perfectly comfortable with leaving his on.
IMG_20140807_141321Fun summer times to reflect on, now that the weather is starting to cool down.  The pool is still open, hoping for that one last blast of summer air.  Will it ever come??


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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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