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Shediac vacation 2014

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The week before last we spent in Shediac on our “beach vacation”.  We were so thankful to be able to meet in the middle and spend it with nana and papa and ali and aaliyah.  We had great food, great weather (mostly) and, other than a little bug that passed through the kids and I, the week was a great success.

We stayed at aunt betty’s cottage which, despite the cottage being brand new, brought back a ton of memories for me and the vacations we would take as a family when I was small.  Not a lot has changed (other than the cottage itself) and it was fun reminiscing with the family.

This family does not need vacation as an excuse to have a campfire.  Or s’mores.


Ooey gooey good!  IMG_4111



We spent lots of time at the beach.  This pic was Aaliyah and Emery spending a little downtime with nemo after the beach and a bath.


Sunset pics.  Parlee is a beautiful beach to walk on anytime but it is extra beautiful as the sun is going down.  IMG_4164

IMG_4124The obligatory “giant lobster” shot.  The kids thought it was hilarious and could have climbed on it all day!


IMG_4184The kids and hubby slept in the tent for the first couple of nights.  They decided it was too cold after night two but the air mattress still made for a good distraction for the kids now and then.  (I know this looks like Eleanor is about to do a face plant but she was safer than it seems, I swear!).

IMG_4219We went for a walk one morning without planning to swim but Eleanor ended up looking like this.  She was having fun so I wasn’t going to stop her.  She managed walking in the sand pretty well.
IMG_4246Oliver thinks so much of Eleanor and likes to be helpful (most of the time).  I love this shot.  IMG_4243

The boys had a great time swimming.  The water is shallow for a long time, different than the beach we are used to, so they liked running in right up to their chests.  One day there were pretty good waves too, which they liked jumping around in with nana.  IMG_4241

Sweet baby girl.  IMG_4237Sweet little boy.
IMG_4224Eleanor was a trooper.  She liked the sand, got in the water a couple of times, napped on the beach, and even turned one while we were there.  IMG_4254

IMG_4252One morning the boys put on their “capes” to play superheroes with their pretend light sabers.  Papa didn’t want to miss out on the action so we tied a lawn chair cushion around his neck and armed him as well.  The boys thought that was so fun!  IMG_4299Oliver and I with our legs buried.  IMG_4280After swimming, the boys would promptly cuddle up in a towel and lay down.  It wasn’t overly hot and the breeze was cool but it was still great beach weather.  (Emery was playing shy in this one).  IMG_4273Eleanor was pretty curious about the water.  IMG_4263Nana is a kite flyer from way back so one windy morning we went to the beach to try out her new kite.  It eventually went airborne… IMG_6496… and the kids were able to take a turn flying it too.  IMG_6505Eleanor was looking particularly cute that morning too.  IMG_6490

Overall we had a beautiful vacation – one rainy day and no major issues except the short flu bug.  We were pretty pleased that we could be together to celebrate Eleanor’s first birthday too.


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