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Eleanor is one!

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Dear Eleanor,

Last week was your first birthday.  The very first one!  We celebrated on a rainy day while on our beach vacation in Shediac.  It seems like a million things have happened since then so I am slow writing about it but believe me, it did not go by unnoticed and we had plenty of people there to help us do it in style!


Here are a few things about you as you turn one…

  • You are petite but meaty and healthy.  I love your chubby little legs.
  • You are a good eater (maybe a little picky about meat sometimes, but then, so am I!).  You love ice cream and see it coming a mile away!
  • You like the slide at the park, especially when sliding with one of your brothers.
  • You don’t say any words yet but make lots of noise!
  • You give me open-mouth kisses (that make me melt) and high fives!
  • Sometimes you love to just sit and watch your brothers and they are totally enamored with you.  They need the occasional reminder to be gentle but are mostly very soft with you.
  • You still have very little hair but it is dark.
  • You’re pretty shy around strangers, which makes me nervous about your first day of daycare.  (To be honest, I’m a little nervous about how I will feel that day too).
  • You like raspberries on your belly – they make you belly laugh.
  • You walked at 9 1/2 months so by now you are constantly moving around the house from toy to toy, from drawer to drawer.
  • You like being outside, whether it is on a hike in the carrier or wandering around barefoot in the grass.  You also like floating in the pool.
  • You are very expressive and seem to have a thousand faces.  All of them make me smile.
  • In your first year we have moved our family twice so you have already had three bedrooms.

The last year has been full of big changes, ups and downs, and many challenges.  Being home with you and two boys that fight like… well… boys, has definitely tested me as a mother.  The boys often took my attention away from you but I tried really hard to find pockets of time in the day or little excursions out where it was just you and I.  I plan to keep that up because I already enjoy our girl time together so much and because you manage to make me smile even when I’m feeling low.

You are a bright light in this house of boys and the prettiest thing I look at every day.



No birthday party is complete without balloons!  And a pretty party dress.


Nana and Papa, Ali and Aaliyah, aunt Betty, and of course your brothers and daddy were all there to celebrate.

Your cake was what I could manage while on vacation.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  IMG_6537

Just a pic of your pretty face.  I love your eyes, your cheeks, and your sweet little turned up nose.  IMG_4237


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One thought on “Eleanor is one!

  1. What a blessing to be able to be a part of your birthday Eleanor!!!! We love you!

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