Growing Out On A Limb

July randoms

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We have had so much going on in July and August looks like it will be even busier.

We picked Ali and Aaliyah up at the airport in mid July and were super happy to see them!  Nana and Papa came for the weekend too.  It was so nice to see all the kids sitting around the same table, enjoying breakfast, and they played together really well too.IMG_6298 Cutie Aaliyah (and the rest of us) enjoyed the pool that weekend.  It was hot!  IMG_6299 One morning the kids and I hung out at DeWolfe park in Bedford.  It has a nice boardwalk along the basin and a really fun playground too.  It was a beautiful sunny day and snacks in the grass are always fun.  IMG_6322

IMG_6325 Super smile from super Emery!IMG_6328On an overcast afternoon in the middle of a particularly rainy week, the kids and I went for a walk on the St. Margarets Bay trail again.  It was just what we needed after a few days spent mostly inside.
IMG_20140715_150853IMG_20140715_152207While daddy and Oliver were in Fredericton for the week, Emery, Eleanor, and I got up to all sorts of fun.  He took to the Circle Pie game on my blackberry and picked it up so quickly and was so good with it that I called him “rainman”.  IMG_6380

Eleanor was being her super cute self and falling onto the pillows.  Emery and I were laying on the couch at the time so I think she was trying to mimic us.  IMG_6429


We spent a little time at the playground together.  Eleanor loves the swings, especially when her brothers push her.  IMG_20140720_132946 It was super super hot that afternoon so Emery found us a small patch of shade to lay down in.  Eleanor just wanted to go go go, of course.  
IMG_20140720_134908-001During a little quiet time, I turned this color game on the tablet to see what Eleanor’s reaction would be.  She started putting her open hand on the tablet, kind of slapping it.  I pointed my finger only twice before she started copying me!  I think this is even earlier than her brothers!


Baby selfie.  She brings the cute factor of the picture waaaaaay up!  IMG_20140725_130138



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