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Hurricane Arthur followed us home

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Last weekend, Emery, Eleanor, and I took a trip home.  It ended up being a trip we won’t forget anytime soon!

The forecast was ‘hurricane Arthur’ and, because hurricanes usually track along the coast, I was worried about the house and leaving Brian and Oliver behind, but also happy to be driving away from it.  Or so I thought.

We arrived Friday afternoon after a beautiful, sunny drive that was complication free in terms of the kids.

Saturday morning, one of the first things we did was cut Emery’s hair.  Papa was pretty proud of his first haircut and Emery was definitely looking handsome!

Notice the light?  About 9 am on Saturday was the last we saw of power the entire trip.


It was a blustery and very rainy Saturday but we visited around anyway.  We visited the Crains and their power went out.  We visited nan and the power went out.  One community after another went black.

That evening (and the next) looked like this.  I love getting the ‘Q’, in case you’re wondering.

IMG_20140705_201354We went to the camp on Sunday afternoon.  No power at the house, no power at the camp… the only difference was I had to drive to the Crain house to figure out their plans as there was no cell service.  When is the last time I had to do that?!

Dad packed his chainsaw for the ride out to the camp and it’s a good thing he did.  There was quite a bit of damage done.  Some on the main road was already taken care of but we had to clear trees in a few places.  This was the biggest one.

When we got to the camp, there were two really big trees down and the little brook was raging.  I was really looking forward to some brook trout fishing with dad on this trip but there’s no way the fish would even notice the worm in that fast water!  IMG_20140706_095102Other than not being able to be near the water, the kids (and adults) still enjoyed their time at the camp.  Emery loved playing with his six cousins.  It is so good for him to play with new kids.  It is also good for me to see how he fits in and interacts with other kids too.

I think Seth had a sweet spot for Eleanor.
IMG_6201 Coley was cute as a button.  The flies loved him, poor little thing.  IMG_6205

Coley and Jonas.  IMG_6207 The babies love grammie!  IMG_6211 Hey little Levi!IMG_6212 Papa was tending the fire/smudge, as usual!  I love the look between them here.  It makes me wonder what they just said to each other.  IMG_6214 Eleanor was there too, holding her own among the seven boys!  IMG_6217 Three generations and three of the prettiest ladies in my life!  IMG_6221 The next day, we went strawberry picking and made my freezer jam.  How’s that for not letting a power outage slow us down?!  
IMG_6267 While we were finishing up the berries, we told Emery that we would go outside in a few minutes and pick up sticks around the yard.  Ten minutes later, I went outside and found Emery with this huge pile of sticks already collected!  He’s such a keener and a good helper.  IMG_6268 Blurry, but I like this pic of nana and Eleanor anyway.  IMG_6271 Emery did a pretty awesome job on this pic of me and my mom.  She means so much to me and just kept trucking, power or no power.  I’m not sure what would slow her down.  IMG_6282 “Can’t see me!”IMG_6290 And one more silly pic, just hanging out on the front porch.  IMG_6296We left on Tuesday, three days after the power went out.  It was different and sometimes cumbersome but in other ways it was nice – it made us slow down and do quieter things together, think on our toes, and sometimes be creative.  We went to bed early, read more, and yes, I washed my hair in rain water.  But to be honest, it had been way too long since our last game of scrabble anyway and my hair really did feel really soft after the rain water.  So thanks for that, Arthur.

Today is Thursday and my parents got their power restored just this morning, over five days later.  Arthur won’t soon be forgotten since mom and dad (among many many others) both have to drive out back of Bath/Bristol to get to work, thanks to a road washout at the bottom of Kinney hill.

Mom and dad say they have never seen a storm or power outage like this in their time together, especially this time of year.  I am betting that people will pay a lot more attention to the next hurricane that comes up the east coast!


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