Growing Out On A Limb

The Pool!

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As of last week, we are in our pool!  Hubby put in a lot of work – the timing of our move worked against us on this one and it had become more ‘green’ than it should so was a lot of work to bring it back (on top of the learning curve) – but it is already well worth it.

The first dip was cool but we were anxious and couldn’t wait.  So anxious, in fact, that Oliver went in in his underwear and Emery with a ‘full moon’!

These pics are from the next day, fully attired of course.

Oliver has been swimming for a few months on his own but is a bit nervous.  The swimming vest gives him just enough buoyancy to boost his confidence.

IMG_6138 Emery didn’t want his picture taken.  He likes his floaty.  IMG_6139 Eleanor likes the pool despite being cool.  She loves her brothers and enjoys watching them splash around while she floats in her own little baby floaty.  IMG_6143 Oliver needed a break.  Ahh… sun.  IMG_6144 Is that not the sweetest little girl you ever did see?  IMG_6146

It turned cold and rainy for the couple of days after this but we have been in it again many times since.  Our current routine is park/playground in the morning and hanging out around the pool for much of the afternoon.  Right now I am loving maternity leave in the summer!


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