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Nana and Papa visit

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A couple of weeks ago, we were happy to have nana and papa come for a visit!  I’ve never played host to them so it seemed slightly strange but we enjoyed showing them around our neighborhood a bit and playing a few of the places we have discovered so far.

But first… a jump on the trampoline!  DSC04485
Taking time to smel… err, blow the old dandelions.  DSC04497 Papa loves his boys but I think he has a soft spot for his girls too.  DSC04498We showed them a couple of the playgrounds we go to through the week.  This one is Buckingham Commons.  We had a great game of catch, which is something dad and I haven’t done in (too) many years.

After being pushed by nana and papa…

… Oliver wanted a turn pushing (or papa wanted a turn swinging, I can’t remember which).  DSC04521 Eleanor couldn’t stand all the action so decided to take a nap.  I think she makes it look comfortable.  DSC04523It was sunny and warm so we took a drive to Queensland beach which, on that day, was not at all warm.  The boys splashed in the waves but got cold pretty quickly.

Cool chick.  Always.  DSC04542 On Saturday morning the boys went hiking on a new trail, the Wilderness Bluff trail in Hubley, while the girls went shopping (which we thoroughly enjoyed!).

Handsome boys.  DSC04544

We still haven’t been back to this trail since but it looks gorgeous so I’m looking forward to it. DSC04554


Good looking boys I have there!  DSC04561The first of many visits by nana and papa I think!



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