Growing Out On A Limb

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Smiling again!

After three full days of teething fever, Eleanor is finally smiling again this morning! 


Four teeth coming in at the same time (the four top middle ones) just doesn’t seem fair! On the plus side, she’ll be eating steak in no time!


Wilderness Bluff Trail

On Sunday morning we packed a snack and went for a hike on the wilderness bluff trail.  It was my first time on the trail but it is already a favorite for all of us.  The trails are long and there are a few loops which means there is plenty left to explore.

It was a beautiful day – sunny and just the right temperature for a hike.

I think the boys’ favorite spot on the hike is wherever we stop for a snack.  For the record, a lakeside snack ranks right up there on the list of the most awesome places to have a snack.  IMG_6150

IMG_6151 The bit of trail we were on is rocky with lots of tree roots… just the kind of trail we like.  IMG_6154 The kids like scrambling up over the big rocks.  IMG_6156 This is the view from where we turned around.  Cranberry lake.  The trail warns of coyotes, bear, and moose so we find ourselves constantly scanning the lake’s edge for signs of wildlife.  IMG_6159 Eleanor has no problem in the carrier.  IMG_6160 Mommy and daddy shot.  I don’t think we’ve done one of these since our ski trips in our dating days!  IMG_6162 Rocky ridge – just a neat part of the trail.  IMG_6164Emery was tired so he and I hung back and traveled back a little more slowly, giving me a chance to take a few nature shots.

Whatever this plant is was blooming pretty little flowers all over the place.  I’m wondering if it is a blueberry plant?
IMG_6166 Lady’s slipper.  IMG_6168Not sure what this is but they are pretty!  I don’t recall seeing these at home.

When we were almost back to the start of the trail, I heard a rustle in the grass beside us and there was a snake!  I’ve only seen a snake a few times in my life and this one seemed big… at least as big around as a loonie in its thickest part and probably three feet long.  Emery thought it was pretty cool, watching it slither away from us.

This is definitely a spot we will visit over and over again.

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The Pool!

As of last week, we are in our pool!  Hubby put in a lot of work – the timing of our move worked against us on this one and it had become more ‘green’ than it should so was a lot of work to bring it back (on top of the learning curve) – but it is already well worth it.

The first dip was cool but we were anxious and couldn’t wait.  So anxious, in fact, that Oliver went in in his underwear and Emery with a ‘full moon’!

These pics are from the next day, fully attired of course.

Oliver has been swimming for a few months on his own but is a bit nervous.  The swimming vest gives him just enough buoyancy to boost his confidence.

IMG_6138 Emery didn’t want his picture taken.  He likes his floaty.  IMG_6139 Eleanor likes the pool despite being cool.  She loves her brothers and enjoys watching them splash around while she floats in her own little baby floaty.  IMG_6143 Oliver needed a break.  Ahh… sun.  IMG_6144 Is that not the sweetest little girl you ever did see?  IMG_6146

It turned cold and rainy for the couple of days after this but we have been in it again many times since.  Our current routine is park/playground in the morning and hanging out around the pool for much of the afternoon.  Right now I am loving maternity leave in the summer!


Kearney Lake

The kids and I went to Kearney Lake on Monday, the hottest afternoon so far this spring, and ever since the word of the week has been ‘lake’.  We’ve enjoyed it three times this week!

The beach is smaller than I expected but it’s nice and sandy, which the kids love for sand castles and whatnot.  The water is a bit chilly but it is exactly what you expect for a lake in June (if not for being there alone with Eleanor, I would have swam in it) and definitely warmer than the ocean.

I hear this beach gets quite crowded in the summer so we probably won’t visit frequently once school is out but we have enjoyed it without issue so far.
Eleanor mostly plays on the blanket with me but it was so hot on Monday and Tuesday that I put her in the water to cool down.  It’s not hard to tell she loves the water!  IMG_6114 One of many pails of sand that were filled!  IMG_6118

Unlike the ocean, which is too cold yet, Oliver can actually get in this water and swim.  He has not been swimming long so is still really proud of himself for doing it.  IMG_6100

My little lady.  IMG_6124 The view from our blanket was pretty sweet today!  IMG_6128


Queensland Beach

We had a hot day here on Sunday so made a last minute change of plans and traded a hike for an afternoon at the beach.  It was an excellent choice.

It is too cold in the water for Eleanor but she likes hanging out with us.


IMG_6073 The waves were big that day.  The boys like running into them and jumping over them when they break.  IMG_6077

The boys played in the sand for a long time.  I think Oliver was digging to China.

IMG_6093Love it!  I think we could become beach bums if we’re not careful!


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Nana and Papa visit

A couple of weeks ago, we were happy to have nana and papa come for a visit!  I’ve never played host to them so it seemed slightly strange but we enjoyed showing them around our neighborhood a bit and playing a few of the places we have discovered so far.

But first… a jump on the trampoline!  DSC04485
Taking time to smel… err, blow the old dandelions.  DSC04497 Papa loves his boys but I think he has a soft spot for his girls too.  DSC04498We showed them a couple of the playgrounds we go to through the week.  This one is Buckingham Commons.  We had a great game of catch, which is something dad and I haven’t done in (too) many years.

After being pushed by nana and papa…

… Oliver wanted a turn pushing (or papa wanted a turn swinging, I can’t remember which).  DSC04521 Eleanor couldn’t stand all the action so decided to take a nap.  I think she makes it look comfortable.  DSC04523It was sunny and warm so we took a drive to Queensland beach which, on that day, was not at all warm.  The boys splashed in the waves but got cold pretty quickly.

Cool chick.  Always.  DSC04542 On Saturday morning the boys went hiking on a new trail, the Wilderness Bluff trail in Hubley, while the girls went shopping (which we thoroughly enjoyed!).

Handsome boys.  DSC04544

We still haven’t been back to this trail since but it looks gorgeous so I’m looking forward to it. DSC04554


Good looking boys I have there!  DSC04561The first of many visits by nana and papa I think!